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Software Test Engineer

What would I do in this role?

  • You will utilize your technical skills to work with development teams to build, execute, and automate test plans.
  • You will work with Product Management team members to understand requirements for changes to the KnowledgeLake software.
  • You will work with your colleagues in Quality Assurance to create a test plan for verifying those requirements are met.
  • You will work with our Engineers to run the test plan and ensure changes to the software meet those requirements.
  • You will work with your team to automate those test plans, so you never again have to run them by hand.
  • You are expected to identify new and innovative ways to both increase test coverage while decreasing manual testing.

What skills and experience do I need for this role?

  • Experience with C#, Java, or similar language.
    • We work in C# but experience with one set of object-oriented curly braces translates just fine to another set of object-oriented curly braces.
  • Experience with an Integrated Development Environment (we use Microsoft Visual Studio)
  • Experience with a version control system (we use Git)
  • Experience with an Application Lifecycle Management tool (we use Azure DevOps)
  • Experience with a Test Management Tool (we use Azure DevOps)
  • Experience with Microsoft SQL Server and/or Microsoft SharePoint are a plus.

What else would help me in this role?

  • wheA keen and methodical eye for detail.
    • You need to be picky, like really picky, when assessing requirements versus actual changes to the software.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills.
    • Quality Assurance’s job is to find things that are “broken," “wrong," “painful,” and/or “inconsistent.” This can put us at odds with team members who are responsible for creating and fixing those.  You need to have the communication and persuasion skills to remember, and help remind others, we are all on the same team.
  • A seething hatred for doing things twice.
    • Automating our tests saves us from having to run them repeatedly. This saves us time, money, and sanity.

So, if you or someone you know has a passion for knocking over block castles, finding Waldo on wall-sized murals, and identifying which two Rubik's cube stickers were swapped, then we want to hear from you!