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How can Records Management Help the Bottom Line?

Learn How Records Management can Help your Bottom Line.

SharePoint 2013 Search Customization and KnowledgeLake Imaging Search

KnowledgeLake has made SharePoint search a primary focus of our Imaging Server product since the early days of SharePoint.  The KnowledgeLake leadership team saw great potential in SharePoint as an ECM document management platform as early as SharePoint 2003. At that time they began the investment in designing and developing our flagship product, KnowledgeLake Imaging Server.  Since those early days the Microsoft SharePoint product team has made significant improvements with its 2013 search customization features.

A Successful SharePoint Migration: Best Practices Before, During and After Your Migration

This white paper will examine why and when to consider an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) legacy system migration to SharePoint. Emphasizing the challenges, benefits and technical considerations of a SharePoint migration, we will focus on sharing best practices and highlight the components needed to ensure a seamless migration process.

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SQL Server 2008 R2 Remote Blob Storage Overview

Microsoft has published a new Remote BLOB Storage (RBS) whitepaper which was authored by Russ Houberg of KnowledgeLake. After providing an overview of RBS and its use cases, the whitepaper dives deep into nuts and bolts concepts and implementation guidance of the SQL Server 2008 R2 RBS Feature Pack which includes the FILESTREAM RBS provider.

Scaling SharePoint 2007: Storage Architecture

The whitepaper has been updated with new information regarding server virtualization options, storage subsystem comparison, and general prescriptive guidance. It also contains new information gained from recent SharePoint Master training in Redmond, WA.

The SharePoint Puzzle - Adding the Missing Pieces

SharePoint has evolved from a somewhat lowly position to become the Swiss army knife of corporate IT departments, promising collaboration, team and project management, electronic content management (ECM), intranets and portals, records management, and more - straight out-of-the-box, and with over 70% of organizations having deployed SharePoint in some form, it appears to be here to stay.

Case Study: Using Microsoft SharePoint to Implement a Large-Scale Content Storage Scenario with Rapid Search Availability

This white paper presents the key decision points, architecture design and definition, test criteria and results from a scalability and performance test conducted at the Microsoft Partner Solutions Center (MPSC) in Redmond, WA. This was a collaborative partnership between Fujitsu Computers, Microsoft and KnowledgeLake.

Building a Scalable SharePoint ECM Architecture

This whitepaper is a full-chapter excerpt of the book "SharePoint Server 2010: Enterprise Content Management" and provides guidance for architecting a SharePoint farm that will meet an enterprise's needs for years to come. Architectural considerations are presented from the ground up, starting with storage. Then farm topology and taxonomy concepts are related to various sizing requirements. Finally, techniques for managing and tuning farm resources are presented.

ECM Connection Talks with KnowledgeLake About SharePoint Migrations

About Microsoft SharePoint, one thing is certain - it's popular. Love it or hate it, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone involved or interested in ECM that didn't have at least a basic knowledge of SharePoint. Despite it's popularity, however, SharePoint continues to raise questions in the minds of users and potential users everywhere. Why SharePoint? How do you make the move to SharePoint? Is it Worth it? ECM Connection recently spoke with Ron Cameron, president and co-founder of KnowledgeLake, to explore these questions.

SharePoint Records Management

While a document management system can help an organization store and manage the usage of electronic documents, these systems lack many capabilities necessary to mitigate the business risk associated with failure to meet mandated compliance scenarios. Learn how responsible records management can be tackled in SharePoint with this informative excerpt from "SharePoint Server 2010: Enterprise Content Management"


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