SharePoint Influencer50

SharePoint Influencer50

The SharePoint ecosystem is immense and complex, resulting in many unanswered questions about the business collaboration platform.

But, to whom do you turn for answers? Who do you trust?  What's driving the development of Microsoft's phenomenal platform?

At KnowledgeLake, we have also asked ourselves the same, demanding questions. In search of answers, we commissioned a research study to find out who really influences the future of SharePoint. Our findings include a list of the top 50 influencers that include: Microsoft, partners, competitors, industry analysts, journalists, solution providers, consultants and bloggers.

Who will benefit from Influencer50?

  • Vendors developing a software solution for SharePoint
  • Consumers trying to separate hype from reality
  • Partners looking for new ideas on how to sell services
  • Investors seeking the next big opportunity

Influencer50 Report

Get the Influencer50 Report

We hope the information in this report will help you rationalize future marketing initiatives, business development plans, educational efforts and potential partner alliances.