The Ultimate ECM Checklist to Plan Your ECM System

ECM Checklist

What's Inside

Take a look at this checklist to get some high-level guidance when creating or electing an Enterprise Content Management system that’s tailored to your organization’s needs. That way, you can avoid the document disasters, dissatisfied users, extra expenses, and unhappy customers.

With so many ECM systems out there, it’s tough to decide which one to choose. Luckily, this checklist takes you through every point you need to consider when you’re ready to choose the best ECM system.

This checklist includes aspects from these different areas to consider:

  • Understanding your business needs
  • Taking stock of technology
  • Planning the work
  • Anticipating the unforeseen
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“We work in a highly competitive industry. The KnowledgeLake solution gives our business decision makers the ability to rapidly find information, which in turn expedites decision making. The new ECM solution is a core component of a more competitive business.”

David Peterson, Enterprise Collaboration Manager, Trek Bicycles

The KnowledgeLake platform helps automate other processes such as:

Intelligent Financial Services

Manage financial documents in the cloud to reduce costs and drive new revenue.

Employee Onboarding

Spend more time managing your employees, not their paperwork.

Explore the Technology

Learn how the KnowledgeLake services create an extensible cloud platform.

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