This white paper will give you insight on how you can tackle this paper problem in order to eliminate the cost, inefficiencies, risks, and uninformed decision-making in your organization.

Paper Problem

What's Inside

More than ever, companies around the world are coping with business functions that are document-heavy – resulting in significant record-keeping challenges. In finance, human resources, facilities management and other business-crucial departments, the volume of documents that drive decisions continues to grow as does the need for successful document management processes.

Many companies struggle under the weight of paper-intensive processes that introduce cost, inefficiency, and risk to various – and sometimes complex – business processes. Through effective planning, prioritization and involving the right people and technology, businesses can realize the very real benefits of a paperless office.

This white paper provides industry research and findings that will illustrate the real pains and costs of manual content management and processes.

Learn strategies to address and conquer these content challenges, and bring digital transformation to your organization in a meaningful and tangible way.

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"We can’t completely prevent the paper that is sent to us, but with the KnowledgeLake solution, we have a huge benefit in cutting back on our own paper generation."

Tye Eyden, Collaboration Analyst, New Belgium Brewery