Tech Electronics Microsoft SharePoint ECM Solution Case Study

Tech Firm Improves Operations with Enterprise Content Management Solution

Tech Electronics delivers an array of technical services for projects throughout the St. Louis, Missouri region. But the company was struggling to manage large volumes of paper files such as service contracts, accounting records, and technical documents. To address the challenge, Tech Electronics deployed KnowledgeLake products to reduce costs, improve employee productivity, and help serve customers more efficiently.

The Challenge

Founded in 1963, Tech Electronics provides services such as computer network design and deployment, installation of security and fire alarm systems, and custom design and installation of telephone systems and integrated communications. Tech Electronics, which has a network of regional offices, is involved in some capacity in about 75 percent of all new construction in the St. Louis area.

Tech Electronics has a long history of using paper documentation for projects, such as technical information provided by vendors, project documentation for customers and service technicians, accounting records, and engineering documents. Years of generating paper documents led to inefficiency and shrinking storage options.

In early 2009, Tech Electronics deployed Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to create a corporate intranet and to store and distribute electronic documents and paper documents that were scanned and uploaded to the intranet. However, it was cumbersome to upload scanned files, and employees lacked useful tools to rapidly find and retrieve files.

The Solution

A local IT services company that helped Tech Electronics with its SharePoint implementation recommended KnowledgeLake. Tech Electronics decided to deploy a comprehensive enterprise content management solution based on KnowledgeLake products.

Tech Electronics uses Kyocera and Konica Minolta multi-function devices—which it owned prior to installing the KnowledgeLake solution—to scan documents. The Advanced PDF Rendition module in KnowledgeLake uses optical character recognition (OCR) during a scan to create a full text searchable–PDF document. This expedites the indexing process and provides searchable fields such as the project order number, the technician who worked on an order, and where the work was performed.

With the indexing functionality, Tech Electronics employees can locate and access records on the intranet in a matter of seconds. The KnowledgeLake software also provides highly intuitive search fields that make it easy for users to locate files.

“We looked at other options, but the competition wasn’t even close. KnowledgeLake told us it would take them three days to deploy the project from end to end. We didn’t believe it, but not only did they deliver in that time frame; they also came in under budget.”

Kay Pinner, Director of Organizational Development, Tech Electronics


Tech Electronics delivers technical services and solutions that include IT design and implementation, fire and safety systems, and communications solutions. It is based in St. Louis, Missouri.

Missouri, United States



“We had a lot of electronic and paper data we needed to convert to the SharePoint system and it became a high priority to find a solution to minimize the time that our users spent scanning, indexing, and retrieving information.”

Kay Pinner, Director of Organizational Development, Tech Electronics

“The KnowledgeLake products have delivered tangible gains for our company, including file centralization, reduced storage needs, greater staff productivity, and better service for our customers.”

Kay Pinner, Director of Organizational Development, Tech Electronics

Results & Benefits

Reduced Costs

The KnowledgeLake solution makes it much easier and faster to store documents than before.

Greater Productivity

Tech Electronics employees find the interface of the KnowledgeLake software easy and intuitive to use.

Greater Customer Satisfaction

Being able to rapidly search and retrieve documents helps Tech Electronics employees acquire new customers much faster than they were able to in the past.

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