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Document Search: Find Business Content Faster


Document Search: Find Business Content Faster by KnowledgeLake on May 15, 2018 How are you supposed to do any sort of document search when critical information isn’t organized? As budgets and resources shrink, it’s common to feel overwhelmed when facing a list of critical projects with tight deadlines. Maybe you Googled “productivity tricks at work”…

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Document Capture: How to Control Your Business Data

According to an AIIM survey, 22% of today’s businesses utilize at least five Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions while 52% use three or more. As organizations accumulate business content – be it digital or paper – most are storing this information across cloud storage, ECM platforms, file shares or even an e-mail system. Businesses, and…

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SharePoint Search: 5 "Gotchas" And Fix To SharePoint Hybrid

Has your enterprise adopted a Microsoft SharePoint hybrid strategy (using both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on premises)? According to the recent KnowledgeLake webinar, The Complexities of a SharePoint Hybrid Environment, almost 70% of attendees reported they either now operate within a hybrid environment or their organization intends to transition fairly soon. While a SharePoint hybrid environment…

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SharePoint Software: Make the Most of the 2016 Version

When the newest SharePoint software, SharePoint 2016 was unveiled, Microsoft released a lengthy rundown of what users can expect to discover while using SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises. Since KnowledgeLake’s expertise lies in optimizing an organization’s SharePoint investment to deliver a robust, reliable and scalable enterprise content management experience, we wanted to mention a few…

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