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SharePoint Best Practices for Organizing SharePoint

Best Practice

SharePoint Best Practices for Organizing SharePoint by Mike Miller on May 10, 2018 Perfect your game with these three best practices for organizing SharePoint. More than 250,000 organizations around the world are using SharePoint today. Approximately 85% of Fortune 500 companies are using SharePoint Online as part of Office 365. Isn’t it time to ensure that your organization is getting the most from this robust…

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SharePoint as an ECM System: The Amazing Outcome


SharePoint as an ECM System: The Amazing Outcom by Taylor Stroot on May 8, 2018 Find a better way to process essential business documents when you use SharePoint as an ECM system… That’s what MJB Wood Group did with the SharePoint they had already invested in. Wanting to take some of their key business processes such…

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HR Processes: Why & when should start onboarding automation?

From resumes and emergency contact forms, to I-9’s, W-4’s, e-mails and PDF documents — Human Resources (HR) departments tend to get engulfed in extensive amounts of paper documents. As a result, managing HR processes such as HR Onboarding for new employees can be a mammoth task. If your organization’s HR processes — especially the onboarding procedure is…

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The Difference between Office 365 and SharePoint Online

Office 365

The Difference between Office 365 and SharePoint Online By KnowledgeLake on July 31, 2017 If you’re unfamiliar with the world of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), SharePoint, or document management, you may sometimes hear Microsoft’s “SharePoint Online” and “Office 365” used interchangeably. It’s a common misnomer that SharePoint Online and Office 365 are one and the…

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Top 10 Reasons You Need Records And Information Management

Records management is a hot topic these days. The amount of data organizations generate and store multiply exponentially each year. (This includes content in applications like Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and internal/external social media sites.) Managing the growth and variety of such content, as well as its locations, becomes an impossible process. And, when you also factor into the equation the evolving industry and government regulations…

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