AP Automation

Transform your accounts payable business processes with KnowledgeLake’s paperless, end-to-end invoice automation solution

Our Account Payable Capabilities

Hunting for misplaced invoices, fixing data entry errors and wasting precious funds to store documents can clog the arteries of an enterprise. Let us help you.

  • Capture
  • PO & Invoice Processing
  • Routing & Approvals
  • Reduce or eliminate data entry
  • Automatically classify & extract data from invoices, POs, packing slips & more
  • Direct downstream systems and processes with extracted data
  • Automated Invoice Processing
  • Automated Two or Three-Way Matching
  • Accelerate your GL Coding
  • Your business rules control routing
  • Simple e-approvals
  • Work with live ERP data for processing and validation
  • Queue invoices for payment processing
  • Post data Captured from Documents


KnowledgeLake’s accounts payable invoice solution packs a punch by providing a robust platform that facilitates paper and electronic data capture, workflow automation, document search and retrieval, ERP integration and real-time reporting. Our accounts payable invoice automation solution will:

  • 1
    Prepare for audits, reduce regulatory compliance risks and ease the e-discovery process
    Enhance compliance
  • 2
    Gain enterprise-level visibility into cash flow and take advantage of early payment discounts
    Optimize cash flow plans
  • 3
    Enhance findability and amplify productivity to keep workers focused on important tasks
    Improve operations
  • 4
    Eliminate handling and storage of paper while speeding up process cycle times
    Reduce the costs
  • 5
    Decrease cost-per-invoice by automating time-consuming, manual processes
    Maximize ROI

See how KnowledgeLake can streamline and automate your AP workflows

See How KnowledgeLake Streamlines and Automates Your AP Processing

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