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SharePoint Webinars / Presentations

Learn about our ECM solutions through on-demand streaming video presentations
During your exploration of SharePoint, you may also benefit from a few of the following content management resources. We invite you to explore our collection of presentations and learn more about our award-winning products and solutions.

The KnowledgeLake SharePoint ECM Solution Overview

The following topics are covered:

  • An introduction to Enterprise Content Management (ECM)
  • Discuss at high level the features of Microsoft SharePoint
  • List benefits and savings associated with a Document Imaging solution
  • Define the various products offered by KnowledgeLake
  • Describe a number of success stories
  • Justify value of migrating from redundant legacy ECM platforms

Webinar: Start Your AP Automation Journey By Purging the Paper

Many organizations are intimidated by the immense cost and disruption when assessing the possibilities of fully automating their Accounts Payable processing. How can we capitalize on modern technology and take steps towards addressing our inefficiencies?

Webinar: Introducing KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional

Learn about KnowledgeLake Capture Server Professional. This generation-next, 100% browser-based document imaging and processing platform imports, processes, and routes content to multiple destinations.

This session covers the benefits, features and a demonstration to illustrate the value of centralizing your entire document-processing workload on this new modern platform.

Webinar: KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture

This recorded webinar provides an introductory overview of our KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture offering. We will review the challenges around manual handling and scanning of invoices, and the value that our capture solution can bring to your organization.

Webinar: KnowledgeLake Accounts Payable Automation

With accounts payable automation using SharePoint, your organization can significantly reduce the direct costs of invoice processing and eliminate hidden costs associated with storing, searching and finding paper documents.

Watch this complimentary recorded webinar and demonstration to learn how to increase employee productivity by automating repeatable tasks at every stage of the accounts payable process, reducing risks and human errors.

Webinar: Enterprise Use Case - Tyson Uses KnowledgeLake with SharePoint

Many organizations fear that Microsoft SharePoint deployments simply cannot scale to enterprise proportions. In this webinar, learn how Tyson, the world's largest poultry producer, uses KnowledgeLake and SharePoint to manage critical business operations. You will also learn why they retired their legacy ECM system built on EMC/Documentum in favor of KnowledgeLake and SharePoint.

Webinar: Enterprise Content Migration to SharePoint

Are you using an outdated or cost-prohibitive content management system? Learn how to center your business around SharePoint for a low-cost, yet effective option by migrating content from legacy ECM to a centralized SharePoint infrastructure.
Join thisi previously recorded webinar to learn how KnowledgeLake can often replace your entire solution for less than the cost of one year's maintenance for the system you are using today.

Webinar: Reducing Cost by Banking on KnowledgeLake

Learn how financial services organizations can significantly reduce the cost of processing stacks of paperwork and increase productivity by standardizing and automating repeatable tasks at every stage in the process.
In this webinar we feature multiple KnowledgeLake baking clients' use cases covering the reduction of risk and human errors of managing content.  By doing so, they have dramatically reduced the hidden costs associated with storing, searching and finding paper documents located in their over-filled storage rooms.

Webinar: Organization Saves Millions by Eliminating the Paper Problem

MOEITS is the IT branch for one of the nation's largest labor unions. To gain control over huge amounts of paper documents, MOEITS deployed a solution to back-scan over 600 linear feet of shelving, filled with a diverse set of documents dating back to the 1964. This incredible productivity was realized through automatic scanning, sorting, classification. To better serve their member, intelligent data extraction was introduced to auto-populate document tags (metadata), so now they can easily retrieve any one of these documents instantly.

Webinar: Why Implementing a Records Management Solution is Critical to Your Business

Managing the exploding growth and variety of content and its locations is a complex process. With the high volumes of paper-based and electronic content in applications - such as Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and internal/external social media sites- you need the ability to efficiently manage the lifecycle of all records throughout your enterprise.


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Through Microsoft SharePoint Services and KnowledgeLake, we implemented an extraordinarily cost-effective solution that changed the way we do business by improving accuracy and productivity.
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Senior Vice President and CIO