SharePoint ECM Consulting for Business Operations

SharePoint ECM Consulting

Obtain the guidance and tools to transform Microsoft SharePoint and SharePoint Online into a user-friendly and effective ECM platform.

Design and deploy a user-friendly ECM solution on SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

SharePoint can be molded and shaped into a robust and easy-to-use document process tool that can support the tough business demands of document imaging, processing, automation, findability and records management.

Drive greater SharePoint adoption and findability.


62% are still strongly reliant on their file-share despite having deployed SharePoint.

AIIM White Paper | Document Management, Records Management, and SharePoint trends: The implications for ECM product development platforms

Make it easy on SharePoint users to find what they need.

Users trust a structured SharePoint environment. Without information architecture, file management or tagging in place, SharePoint quickly becomes a glorified file-share. KnowledgeLake ensures content is correctly formatted, stored and includes the appropriate meta data to enable rapid data retrieval.

Simplify contributing content

By using KnowledgeLake, team members can scan and upload content from Microsoft Outlook and Office to varied SharePoint sites and libraries without hesitation. Eliminate the pain of forced naming conventions, locating libraries, creating folders and dealing with annoying data entry. Users can rest assured that the document will be sent to the proper destination.

KnowledgeLake boosts the ECM power of SharePoint

  • Integrate Seamlessly

    Integrate easily with enterprise software including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Dynamics and other line-of-business applications

  • Increase Findability & Sharing

    Enhance search, enrich collaboration and improve information management to better serve users and customers

  • Work Smarter & Faster

    Address business choke points with automated processes based on an organization's unique business rules, document types, departmental needs, office locations and regulations.

  • Scale to Your Needs

    Optimize your SharePoint investment by delivering a robust, reliable, compliant and scalable enterprise content management solution that can be leveraged across the entire enterprise

  • Handle All Content

    Onboard content in any format -- structured or unstructured, paper or digital -- bypassing the taxing SharePoint tagging process

  • Deliver Ease of Use

    Simplify the SharePoint experience for users with a solution that eliminates the need to understand SharePoint libraries, lists and folders

Discover how KnowledgeLake can help tackle content chaos in SharePoint

Incorporate digitalization into existing SharePoint libraries, lists, or other applications and repositories

Route countent automatically to where its needed – no user guessing.
When you implement content management best-practices in SharePoint along with KnowledgeLake cloud capture , workers can automatically route content to where its needed without knowledge or worry of site, library, folder or file name.

No complex meta data mapping to the destination system.
KnowledgeLake also intelligently inhereits content types and taxonomies from the destination system to simplify initial configuration and ongoing maintenance. And this is not just for SharePoint, but works with other ECM systems, storage repositories and line-of-business applications.

Part of the L&B Realty Family

L&B Realty

KnowledgeLake deployed a cross-department document scanning and processing solution to aid L&B Realty Advisors who "measures documents by the pound." Increased customer service levels to allow the business to grow.

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