SharePoint Document Management System

SharePoint Document Management

Build productivity, document management and business process automation solutions using SharePoint and Office 365.

Put Office 365 and SharePoint to work.

Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint can be transformed to meet the tough business demands of enterprise content management. Whether you are in the cloud, on-premises, or operate in a hybrid environment, we can re-invent the way you work with content in SharePoint.


SharePoint Document Management System With Office 365

62% are still strongly reliant on their file-share despite having deployed SharePoint.

AIIM White Paper | Document Management, Records Management, and SharePoint trends: The implications for ECM product development platforms

SharePoint users won’t believe how easy it is to work with their content.

  • SharePoint without the worry.
    Grab a solution that prevents user stressing about, “Where do I put it? How will we find it later?”.
  • Import any format or source.
    Bring in digital content, emails, media and documents from digital sources, scanners, multi-function devices and mobile.
  • Meet the users where they are.
    Allow users to add content to SharePoint easily without leaving theirOutlook or other Office apps.
  • Make content easily findable.
    KnowledgeLake helps enforce and simplify structuring content as it comes in and improves the SharePoint search experience to ensure quick retrieval.

IT and SharePoint Admins love how we help users, teams and the enterprise.

  • Content management with a low TCO.
    Enjoy a lower Total Cost of Ownership for your document scanning, processing and archiving by using your existing investment in SharePoint.
  • Prevent SharePoint “Wild West”.
    Use the power of meta data to properly structure and route content as it is brought in, then make findability easy with an improved SharePoint search.
  • Scale SharePoint to your needs.
    Deliver a reliable, compliant and scalable enterprise content management solution that will stick, and can be leveraged by a single department or across the organization.
  • Excite users with simplicity.
    Guarantee user adoption and project success by making SharePoint easy for your users.

Put content to work in SharePoint and Office 365.

We allow you and your users to do more with your Microsoft investment.

SharePoint Document Management System With Office 365

Easily upload to SharePoint or Office 365 from Outlook and other Office apps.

It’s never been more simple to upload your everyday content to SharePoint; whether in the form of emails and attachments from Outlook, or working with Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents.

From right within the application, simply choose which type of content you’re working with, do some quick tagging, and the content goes to its pre-defined location in SharePoint or SharePoint Online.

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SharePoint Document Management System With Office 365

Scan or upload like a pro, right from the web browser.

Enhance the quality, structure, accessibility, and findability of content when scanned to SharePoint. Enjoy a full-featured, production imaging solution with document clean-up, compression, OCR, conversion, document assembly, scan profiles and more.

With one web-based platform, you can send content to SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Box, Google Drive, File Shares and a host of other repositories.

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SharePoint Document Management System With Office 365

Quickly tag with metadata and auto-route to the destination.

There is no guessing on where to save content. Simply select a document type and the relevant fields are presented for you to quickly tag the documents.

Metadata can be entered manually, by drawing boxes around words on the page, or by using handy data lookups from data sources and LOB systems and other advanced time-saving techniques. We can even automatically recognize, categorize and extract and tag metadata automatically with KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture.

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SharePoint Document Management System With Office 365

Hyper-target your SharePoint searches.

KnowledgeLake search increases findability – the biggest pain point of SharePoint. You can search by keyword, or target by searching on a specific document property like type, date, amount, ID, invoice number, etc. using our user-friendly interface.

No more time wasted or lost documents. This quick access to information in SharePoint or Office 365 boosts customer service levels, team member productivity and the adoption of SharePoint.

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Why have thousands chosen KnowledgeLake for content management in SharePoint and Office 365?

"We now have a simple and robust solution that has reduced the turnaround time for payment by up to six working days. Furthermore, our ‘supplier paid on time’ metric was increased by 16% within the first three months after the system went live."

Maria Nagy Financial Projects

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"The offices that have implemented case tracking using KnowledgeLake and SharePoint can better manage their workloads. There are huge savings all around.”

Mark Kinkade Chief Information Officer

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"We’re a Microsoft shop, so additional costs for licensing and our development efforts were kept under control by going with KnowledgeLake and SharePoint."

Danny Knudsen Solution Analyst

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We’ve got the SharePoint skills to pay the bills.

For nearly 20 years, KnowledgeLake has specialized in extending and transforming the Microsoft SharePoint platform, creating robust and cost-effective content management solutions for departments and entire organizations.


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