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Demonstrations that showcase how our solutions can drive efficiencies and significant ROI
We hope these demonstrations will serve your organization as a useful reference to begin your journey towards more efficient business processes with KnowledgeLake. See how our solutions can drive efficiencies and significant ROI in any sector of your business.

KnowledgeLake Connect

KnowledgeLake Connect for SharePoint - Upload

KnowledgeLake Connects reduce keystrokes and time up to 60% over the traditional upload process! See for yourself in this demo, as we show how easy it is to quickly add content, tag it and release it to SharePoint using the three flexible methods available in KnowledgeLake Connect.

KnowledgeLake Connect for SharePoint - Microsoft Office Extensions

Without ever leaving Outlook, KnowledgeLake Connect users can save emails and attachments in SharePoint and automatically capture email metadata using drag and drop functionality. See for yourself, as we demonstrate uploading email and attachments to SharePoint directly from Microsoft Outlook.

KnowledgeLake Connect vs. SharePoint Out-of-the-box - Uploading

Learn how using Connect can optimize your interactions with SharePoint. In this demonstration, we'll show how Connect can dramatically reduce the time, effort and frustration associated with uploading documents to SharePoint from Microsoft Office.

KnowledgeLake Connect for SharePoint - Configure

In this demonstration, we will show how easy it is to set up and consume multiple instances of SharePoint in a single interface. See how KnowledgeLake Connect has the power to intelligently configure a new site on SharePoint, all without opening a web browser.

KnowledgeLake Connect for SharePoint - Explore

KnowledgeLake Connect simplifies the processes of browsing and interacting with content in SharePoint. See how you can speed the process of tracking down content, as Connect provides a consolidated view of all of a user’s available SharePoint sites, libraries, lists and more.

KnowledgeLake Connect for SharePoint - Search

With KnowledgeLake Connect, your SharePoint content is at your fingertips, as you can perform a powerful SharePoint search right from your desktop. See how Connect allows you to further reduce the noise around search results to help you keep pace with the speed of modern business.

KnowledgeLake Imaging

KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint - Viewer

Get a sneak peek of the powerful capabilities of the KnowledgeLake Imaging Viewer, as we show you how users can quickly and easily view and interact with documents, as they hold the power to edit metadata tags; add, remove and rotate pages; interact with Workflows in progress or start new ones - and more!

KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint - Search

Experience the time saving and productivity boosting benefits of KnowledgeLake Imaging’s powerful search capabilities. View a side-by-side contrast of our improved KnowledgeLake search experience against out-of-the-box search functionality in SharePoint – see for yourself which you prefer!

KnowledgeLake Unify

KnowledgeLake Unify for SharePoint - Save

KnowledgeLake Unify empowers users to work with SharePoint content from any application. Here we will use an HR example, as we showcase how we can update an employee record without leaving our familiar business application, in this case, Microsoft Dynamics.

KnowledgeLake Unify for SharePoint - Search

KnowledgeLake Unify provides powerful SharePoint search capabilities, accessible from right within your normal business applications. Unify is context aware, as you will see in this HR example where the solution finds the documents for you - avoiding time wasted digging through file cabinets or cluttered digital folders or desktops.

KnowledgeLake Capture

KnowledgeLake Capture for SharePoint - Scan and Index

Experience how fast and easy it is to get documents into SharePoint using KnowledgeLake Capture. Capture empowers individuals, throughout the enterprise, to quickly scan, store and access the critical content needed to move business forward.

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It made a lot of sense. The key factor is that Knowledge products are based on and integrate with our Microsoft technology, including SharePoint and the Windows operating system.
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