Get Started with a SharePoint Health Check Brochure

A Comprehensive and Detailed Audit of Your SharePoint Environment

KnowledgeLake Professional Services reviews your complete SharePoint environment and configuration, system maintenance, performance and scalability options to ensure optimal future growth on the Microsoft platform.

Make Your SharePoint Hum.

Environment Health Analysis
A complete audit of SharePoint with detailed report on next steps

SharePoint & ECM Best Practices
Ensure quality taxonomies, system architecture, service accounts, SQL maintenance and crawl

Reduce Bottlenecks & Failures
Tune SharePoint to ensure stability and peak performance

Deep Analysis & Solid Recommendations

KnowledgeLake provides an audit of current SharePoint and SQL environments to ensure peak performance from an IT perspective, as well as facilitating informed planning decisions by the business.

The Health Check is a non-intrusive process and KnowledgeLake will not make any changes to your SharePoint environment during the process. Any issues that are identified will be documented along with recommendations for fixing the issues.

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Getting the Most From Your KnowledgeLake Solution

If you are already a KnowledgeLake Client, we can optionally include a KnowledgeLake Health Check, complete with analysis of your current KnowledgeLake ECM infrustructure, software and processes to discover additional opportunities for efficiencies in your ECM strategy.

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