Using SharePoint: The IT Manager’s Guide to User Adoption

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For some employees, change can be difficult — especially when it comes to working with unfamiliar technologies, like using SharePoint or SharePoint Online. If your organization is struggling with this problem, you’re not alone. According to the report, The Impact of SharePoint – 2016, released by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 58% of the 274 AIIM members surveyed admitted that SharePoint adoption has been a struggle within their organizations.

Findings also revealed 40% of participants rated their SharePoint implementation as less than successful. However, this wasn’t due to any perceived shortcomings on SharePoint’s part. Some SharePoint projects stalled or failed due to internal issues such as an absence of support from senior management or hesitancy by users to accept the system because they experienced difficulties as a result of insufficient training.

The lesson to learn? Even a well-designed portal is a waste of resources and funds if employees aren’t introduced and trained on using a SharePoint document management system. This e-book can help you and your staff ensure using SharePoint is a powerful and positive experience for those within your organization.


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Learn the secret to success when it comes to getting employees using SharePoint.

Using SharePoint can become a powerful tool for your organization -- if users embrace change. KnowledgeLake shows you how.
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