Ensure a Solid Foundation When Developing Your SharePoint Architecture

SharePoint Business Process Automation solutions have the power to revolutionize the way you conduct business.

This kit will help you understand the what, why and how of business process automation by using the Microsoft SharePoint platform. However, knowing the precise business automation solutions to choose not only enables more robust and efficient business outcomes, but also gives your organization a boost in productivity, process transparency and cost savings as you streamline your document-intensive, back-office routines.


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What's inside


Business Process Automation in 2017

What’s inside:

To achieve success you have to think about the people and processes involved, then match the technology solution to optimize efficiency and profit. That’s why we’ve created this starter kit. You’ll get three premium pieces that you can apply to automating processes within your SharePoint environment:

  1. Business Process Automation in 2017: Design an Intelligent Workplace
    This in-depth report comes from AIIM, an advocate and supporter of information professionals for over 70 years that follows SharePoint ECM and BPA trends.
  2. Digital Dialogue: Business Process Automation in SharePoint
    This article from Redmond magazine shares best-practices on streamlining document-intensive, back-office routines through Microsoft SharePoint automation.
  3. Business Process Optimization: 3 Steps to Transforming Your Business
    This quick 3-point guide makes sure you are considering the big picture in optimizing processes within your the business, throughout your organization.
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