What’s the Importance of Information Governance to Your Business?

What is the importance of information governance to my business if my content is housed in SharePoint?

It is estimated that 92% of the world’s data was created in the past two years. According to InfoGov Basics, this figure is predicted to grow to 44 zettabytes by 2020.

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Information governance is the security, control and optimization of information. While this definition is simple, the action is very complex and involves making decisions regarding all of the information a company collects over time. Information governance is a principle-centered behavior, ensuring people and systems have appropriate access to quality information for the right reasons. The importance of Information and governance these days can’t be underestimated.Both must go hand-in-hand — especially if you are trying to make sense of the content chaos within your organization.

What is the importance of information management? KnowledgeLake has a great, recorded webinar for you to view! An over-arching information governance strategy can effectively manage the content placed in your SharePoint Online or on-premises environment while providing guidance for acquisition, management, storage, retrieval and destruction of business content within all aspects of an organization’s environment.

Are you seeking ways you can minimize risk and costs while optimizing the value of your content across your enterprise? We all know that the ability to efficiently and effectively govern the information lifecycle of all records throughout the enterprise is critical. Just managing the growth and variety of content and its locations alone is a complex process that can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Join Dr. Andrew Hutson, Sr. Director of Enterprise Solutions, as he explains how following a corporate program of and the importance of Information Governance, concentrating on SharePoint. How your preparedness in establishing an information governance policy will reduce costs, limit risk, ensure compliance and help you make smart decisions in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.

What’s the importance of information goverance?

20% of CIOs in regulated industries are predicted to lose their jobs in the next few years through failures in Information Governance. –InfoGov Basics

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