Capture Content in a Fractured World: Flexible Document Processing

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KnowledgeLake’s Expertise in Flexible Document Processing

Organizations are using more and more different repositories in their information management stories. Certain document processing solutions along with multiple formats and on-boarding paths breed confusion, a waste of time and money. In fact, according to an Aberedeen Group report, manual invoicing often requires at least 15 steps before the final posting is done. And, according to a study by The Accounts Payable Network, 80% of invoices still arrive on paper.


KnowledgeLake has been helping companies reduce the amount of paper-heavy processes in their business since day one.  Our experts are able to look at the pain points in your business, and then they work toward reducing the amount of paper you use, automating your business processes, and ultimately enabling your people to work smarter.

Don’t hesitate to review more of our recorded webinars to increase the efficiency of your business processes. Or you can reach out to our experts directly. Let us help you find a more productive workday with our flexible document processing.

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