KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture Data Sheet

Capture information. Automate document separation. Extract data. Tag information. Speed processing and drive greater accuracy.

To err is human. However, human error can get costly. Files get lost. Manual entry mistakes can cause a variety of problems for an organization, its customers and other employees. KnowledgeLake’s Advanced Capture is a robust advanced document imaging solution that eliminates time-consuming manual processes while streamlining information.


More about KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture

Scan documents or upload from any location or system. Once imported, the advanced document imaging solution recognizes data, then sorts and extracts it. Finally, the content is automatically sent to your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or repository of your choice — either on-premises or cloud.

KnowledgeLake’s robust advanced document imaging solution has optical character recognition (OCR) software which captures necessary information from different types of in-coming documents and recognizes the metadata and keywords needed for extraction. Pre-defined rules can be set up to validate the extracted data and flag down any mismatches or exceptions.

Learn more about how this innovative and advanced document imaging solution captures documents, categorizes them, extracts necessary information, then routes to wherever that business content needs to go.

KnowledgeLake has been cultivating automated experiences for almost 20 years, simplifying work for our clients’ customers and employees. Learn how we enable predictable, repeatable and efficient business processes that connect your people, departments and systems – to keep work flowing with the help of our advanced document imaging solution.

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