Case Management

A one-two punch of transactional workflows and robotic process automation.

Connect any process or system and untangle from technical debt

Today, the growth of information has surpassed the ability to re-architect systems, leaving most companies with a technology labyrinth that must be addressed before any major initiative can be undertaken.

This is how integration of disparate systems has become the foremost drag on digital transformation. The challenge of getting those systems quickly connected—without making a mess—falls to IT. Luckily, RPA can unlock vaults of information from previously hard-to-reach systems.

Process Services is a one-two punch of transactional workflows and robotic process automation (RPA) that solves any connection or integration challenge and takes efficiency to new heights. Automate more activities than ever before and make remaining user-driven tasks easier.

No more system surfing to hunt down the information your users need to execute their tasks. Powerful, easy-to-use workflow automation tools equip your business teams with the ability to make better decisions faster and drive critical content-centric processes such as new employee onboarding, invoice and claim processing, account opening, and more.



Regardless of where users interact with content, KnowledgeLake makes accessing that data easier and more effective.

Leverage what you already have in place

Established business rules, existing workflows, and line-of-business systems; give your users access to the data they need, from any system, without requiring complex integrations or changes to existing processes.

Quickly deploy workflows

Workflow authoring is a web-based, drag-and-drop design experience. When configuration is handled with a set of wizards, the need for coding skills becomes a concern of the past.

Better enforce business rules & controls

Since RPA sits on top of your existing systems, it upholds business rules often lost during API integrations. Meanwhile, dynamic workflows prod users with "questions" based on AI-fueled insights.

Transactional workflows + RPA-led connectivity = Limitless possibility

By providing organizations the ability to effortlessly join the various elements of transactional processing systems or automate the functionality of legacy systems, content management reaps the unprecedented benefits of multiplied innovation.

Learn what’s possible when you apply the power of robotic process automation to content management.


“KnowledgeLake has proven to be far more cost-effective and easier to support than our old ECM system.” 

Rebecca Wilson, Project Leader, Productivity Management Group, Tyson Foods

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