PRO Club Microsoft SharePoint Migration Case Study

PRO Club Uses KnowledgeLake to Maximize their Migration to SharePoint Online

The PRO Club in Bellevue, Washington is an award-winning health and wellness club and salon. Founded by renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Mark Dedemenico, their resort-style destinations are on the forefront of breakthroughs in health and longevity. The 272,000-square foot facility in Bellevue is home to a range of sports specific courts, state-of-the-art pools and exercise rooms, restaurants, and a medical spa. As one of the premier health club providers in the United States, PRO Club needed a different approach to document management that would allow them to keep pace with innovations in business technology and leverage Microsoft SharePoint Online.


PRO Club had recently migrated from SharePoint on-premise to SharePoint Online to take advantage of a number of cloud-based benefits in cost, scalability, and service. As a result, they needed document management tools for scanning and data capture that would complement the move and enable process efficiencies and innovations across the various departments within the company.

“The system had to be easy to use, but most of all, work with our SharePoint Online document repository,” said Aaron Withington, ITS Senior Technician at PRO Club.

This made finding a complementary tool that would allow users the ability to search and interact with SharePoint easily of utmost importance. Fortunately, according to Withington, PRO Club didn’t need to look far. “We first became aware of KnowledgeLake back in 2007 when we were looking for a replacement for our aging document management system Docuware,” he explains. “We investigated several document management systems and we liked what KnowledgeLake had to offer in terms of customizable document types and indexing workflows.”

Despite many other options available, Withington explains that making the choice for a company-wide solution was an easy one. “We are happy KnowledgeLake customers, and prices for comparable systems were at least as much or more than the KnowledgeLake solution, so we decided to expand our use of KnowledgeLake rather than adopt another solution.”


PRO Club utilized KnowledgeLake to migrate from SharePoint on-premise to Office 365 in the cloud. The effort encompassed about 250,000 documents. But, in addition to the migration, PRO Club is using the KnowledgeLake platform as a centralized and logically-organized resource for the entire organization. Departments including Accounts Payable, Membership Events, Security and Payroll all have files indexed, classified, and stored electronically in SharePoint Online via KnowledgeLake. This dramatically streamlined operations and helped extend the use of SharePoint, turning it into a valuable platform for future efficiencies and process innovation.

PRO Club - KnowledgeLake Client Successes

PRO Club first opened its doors in 1973 and since then has been dedicated to the health and well-being of their members, now with three facilities in Washington. The 272,000 square foot facility in Bellevue is home to a range of sports specific courts, state-of-the-art pools and exercise rooms, restaurants, and a medical spa.

Washington, United States

Health and Wellness

PRO Club - KnowledgeLake Client Successes

“We were looking for a document management system that would allow us to scan, index and retrieve documents based on fields we define.”

-Aaron Withington, ITS Senior Technician, PRO Club

“The KnowledgeLake solution works seamlessly with SharePoint Online.”

-Aaron Withington, ITS Senior Technician, PRO Club


Easy training

Once set up, the system is very easy to use to ingest documents, email, and scan other records into SharePoint. The interface is straightforward and intuitive.

Seamless integration

After migrating to Office 365 and SharePoint Online, PRO Club found that KnowledgeLake’s Content Services for Office 365 helps users customize the search functionality of document libraries quickly and easily.

Secure in the cloud

Using both the security included with KnowledgeLake and the Azure AD/SharePoint Online security settings, PRO Club was able to create workflows and document libraries that can only be accessed by approved users.

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