DocPoint Solutions and KnowledgeLake Supplying Federal Government with Complete Microsoft SharePoint and Enterprise Content Management Package

DocPoint's SharePoint Solutions Package combines Microsoft SharePoint and KnowledgeLake Software to increase collaboration and accessibility

DocPoint Solutions, a subsidiary of Quality Associates, Inc., focused on providing Microsoft SharePoint to organizations that are looking to expand employee collaboration and increase the exchange of information, today announced that, for the first time, it is offering a comprehensive SharePoint workforce collaboration services package that includes KnowledgeLake Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions to all federal agencies.

DocPoint Solutions is a preferred government provider of SharePoint implementation, training and support services through its status on the Government Services Administration (GSA) schedule. The GSA schedule is the favored purchasing mechanism for most federal buyers. It is a list of providers who have agreed to certain standards of quality, price and fairness and have met rigorous application process.

DocPoint's SharePoint solutions package combines the convenience and usability of Microsoft SharePoint, which is software that enables employee collaboration via a secure intranet, with GSA-listed, digital content management software from KnowledgeLake, a St. Louis company that makes software for converting paper documents into electronic data using scanners, fax servers or multi-function devices. Once a document is converted into a digital format, it can then be imported into SharePoint. In addition to its GSA status and partnership with KnowledgeLake, DocPoint also holds certified status in Microsoft's Partner Program.

Robert G. Bueltmann, Vice President of Business Development, KnowledgeLake, said"We are pleased to be making our products available to the federal government through our partnership with DocPoint Solutions, and we selected them for their industry knowledge and expertise. DocPoint Solutions' service offerings, combined with our enterprise content management software, add a great deal of usability and functionality to Microsoft SharePoint that will be of great benefit to federal agencies that need to increase staff collaboration and improve information accessibility."

"We are pleased to announce the start of a long and rewarding partnership with the federal government to supply all of their SharePoint and ECM needs," said Bob Dickerson, Vice President, DocPoint Solutions. "Microsoft SharePoint is a valuable tool for nearly any organization, especially considering it is a solution that a significant number of agencies already own through 2007 Microsoft Office system. Most firms just need the proper tools and introduction to the software to operate the program effectively. SharePoint is the ideal collaboration software for the federal government, in that it allows users, regardless of location, to access needed information, share documents and work together as a team on projects."

DocPoint Solutions provides a full range of consultative services, support and software for enterprise content management, with a specific focus on providing Microsoft SharePoint to organizations that are looking to expand employee collaboration efforts and increase information exchange across the enterprise. The company primarily provides its services to government agencies, nonprofits and corporations.

About KnowledgeLake

KnowledgeLake, Inc., headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, is the market leader in developing document imaging and capture products Microsoft SharePoint based Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Built on the Microsoft .NET platform, KnowledgeLake enables organizations of any size to leverage SharePoint for solving today's complex document problems. KnowledgeLake document imaging and capture products extend the native capabilities of SharePoint with a powerful suite of applications that allow users to capture large quantities of mission critical documents and transform them into easily consumable business information. The founders of KnowledgeLake have decades of experience architecting, selling and implementing ECM products and solutions. To find out more, visit the KnowledgeLake website at: www.knowledgelake.com.

About DocPoint Solutions, Inc.

A new subsidiary of Quality Associates, Inc., DocPoint Solutions helps organizations gain efficiencies by maximizing collaborative resources required to excel in today's competitive environments. By combining state-of-the-art solutions with document management expertise and innovative approaches to system design and integration, DocPoint Solutions strives to ensure that clients attain new levels of effectiveness and productivity. The company is located in the heart of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore technology corridor in Fulton, Maryland.

For more information, call 301-490-7725 or visit www.docpointsolutions.com