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Financial Services Firm Turns To Knowledgelake To Better Manage Email-based Content

The financial services firm ORIX USA needed a better way to capture large volumes of mission-critical Outlook email messages and attached documents for publication in the company’s SharePoint intranet. It turned to KnowledgeLake Connect, which provides an intuitive, seamless link between Outlook data and SharePoint libraries, including tools for exporting rich metadata for future search functions.


ORIX USA is a diversified financial conglomerate with approximately $6 billion in assets, $25 billion of assets managed for others, and more than 1,100 employees. ORIX USA and its subsidiaries offer an extensive portfolio of investment and credit products in addition to advisory services. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ORIX USA has offices across the US with subsidiary operations in Europe and Asia.

A key method of transmitting information internally and between clients is email attachments. While the company had an existing implementation of Microsoft SharePoint, its usage was not widespread. However, the company’s existing document management system was at end of life. SharePoint was the logical replacement.

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ORIX USA is the U.S. subsidiary of Tokyo-based ORIX Corporation, a global financial services organization.


Minato, Tokyo, Japan

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“Our users were reliant on a Microsoft Outlook plugin to move items directly from Outlook into our previous document management system,” says Jason Heiser, Enterprise Applications Consultant for ORIX USA. “However, when planning the transition to SharePoint it became clear that the multiple-file upload feature, which would require inputting metadata and checking individual files through multiple steps, would be too cumbersome and time-consuming when addressing more than a few files.”

The firm uses FileLoader from Axceler, but the chosen implementation of that software limits its use to SharePoint administrators. Because of the sheer volume and importance of these files, ORIX USA wanted to find a different solution that would enable users to add Outlook-based content quickly and easily while complying with the firm’s metadata requirements, including the ability to easily load large numbers of documents and their associated metadata.

"With KnowledgeLake, our company can capture and store relevant data—with metadata—in SharePoint from within the Outlook client quickly and efficiently."

-Jason Heiser, Enterprise Applications Consultant ORIX USA


To streamline content management from their Microsoft Outlook software, ORIX USA turned to KnowledgeLake Connect. It provides the company’s end users with a robust solution for uploading content into SharePoint from within Outlook, giving employees the tools to quickly apply metadata to email messages and attachments and to browse and view SharePoint content.

The company went through a brief data migration process to implement the KnowledgeLake Connect solution.

“The impetus for implementing KnowledgeLake Connect was the need to decommission iManage WorkSite MP, our previous document management system,” he says. “We created an application to pull all existing documents out of the system and then move them to network file shares, which had a folder structure that was the same as the iManage WorkSite web application. We then used a combination of KnowledgeLake Connect and Axceler FileLoader to migrate the data into SharePoint.”

Heiser says the company is also evaluating the use of KnowledgeLake Capture to achieve similar uploading and metadata capabilities for scanned documents.


BBy deploying KnowledgeLake Connect, ORIX USA has provided its users a fast, easy way to upload documents directly from their Outlook software into SharePoint, while also giving employees features to easily apply metadata and upload large batches of documents.

Easy Uploads from Outlook

With KnowledgeLake Connect, ORIX USA employees now have an easy, intuitive means of uploading email and attached documents directly into the company’s SharePoint libraries.

“KnowledgeLake Connect lets our users quickly upload email or emailed documents directly from Outlook,” says Heiser. “It’s also easy to create and import associated file information. With KnowledgeLake, our company can capture and store relevant data— with metadata—in SharePoint from within the Outlook client quickly and efficiently.”

Streamlined Workflows via Desktop Gadget

KnowledgeLake Connect also provides a desktop web part that simplifies content uploads to SharePoint.

“The KnowledgeLake Connect web part allows our users to add content to SharePoint without ever having to go to SharePoint,” says Heiser. “This is an important feature because they are all busy, and the less time that they have to spend navigating to different applications, the more time they have to focus on their jobs.”

Batch Uploader Minimizes IT Role

A key issue that ORIX faced in the past—the need for users to quickly upload multiple files at once—was addressed with the KnowledgeLake solution.

“The KnowledgeLake Connect batch uploader gives our users the ability to send large groups of documents to SharePoint in a ‘set it and forget it’ manner,” Heiser says. “This feature not only helps them get more done, but it also eliminates the need for IT to get involved with batch uploads. It makes the user’s tasks go faster while freeing up more time for the IT department.”

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