KnowledgeLake Helps Streamline Processing of Grant Application Forms 

As a result of implementing SharePoint and KnowledgeLake capture and imaging servers, Motability has lower solution maintenance, roll out, and training overhead costs, with the additional benefit of being able to leverage the same solution set across departments to address scanning and imaging needs.


Motability had an aging legacy scanning system bursting at the seams with reports of increased downtime and errors. The system was expensive to run and maintain, relying on a volume-based pricing model and propriety system—a reality that did not align with Motability’s enterprise scanning vision, resource profile, or Microsoft strategy. Some months the resource was available to perform scanning tasks, but there were no scanning credits left in the contract. At other times, monthly credits were not being used and resources designated for scanning were reallocated elsewhere.

A further constraint of the legacy system was its lack of efficient integration options with line-of-business solutions, Microsoft SharePoint, and ECM, which prevented IT from rolling out scanning and imaging to new areas in the organization.

A number of departments in Motability had paper-intensive processes without the benefit of scanning and electronic document management. These departments had to deal with the storage costs, risks, and productivity constraints brought about by paper documents.

In addition to the challenges of managing paper, Motability had to deal with compliance requirements related to gift aid records and information regarding customer assessments for grants; this information needed to be readily available for audit purposes. Security was also a key challenge for Motability with HR document management requiring encryption and password protection.

Scanning and releasing documents was a time consuming and error-prone activity: Scanners were slow and could only perform single-side scanning, while the software was clunky and required the manual linking of images in a folder to line-of-business systems and SharePoint.


Dynamyx proposed and architected a solution spanning the Grants, Fundraising and HR departments. Planning is underway to adopt the solution in the Finance and other departments. The solution consists of Fujitsu workgroup scanners, KnowledgeLake  as well as Microsoft SharePoint.

The Fujitsu 6130 Workgroup Scanner was selected because of its small desk footprint, barcode recognition and double-sided scanning capabilities. The Grants department has the ability to scan 10-15 different grant document types into the solution. Once scanned the document is indexed based on a unique identifier. After being indexed in KnowledgeLake, the document is released into SharePoint.

Example documents processed by the grants department include the grant application forms plus supporting documentation, such as proof of benefit, income support and doctors letters.

Fundraising deals primarily with gift aid returns, raffle returns and the processing of donations. Campaign responses are routed from the mailroom to the fundraising department where staff scans the slips. Two dimensional barcodes are pre-printed on the slips – the scanner uses optical character recognition functionality to read the barcode, and KnowledgeLake then queries the database and auto index the slip based on all the “to” field information stored in the database.

“Less human interaction means fewer errors; with the 2D barcodes, we are now expecting even fewer errors."

-Phillip Hesse, Motability


Motability is a national charity set up at the initiative of the government. The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to use their government-funded mobility allowances to obtain a new car, powered wheelchair, or scooter. Currently, almost 600,000 people use and benefit from the Motability Scheme.

International, United Kingdom



“We can now scan a batch in 5 minutes whereas it used to take 30 minutes. [The solution] is also user-friendly: Where we used to need to attach images manually, it is now automated.”

-Phillip Hesse, Motability


Integration with Common Business Applications

Proven solution with an open architecture to allow for further development and compatibility and options for integration with line-of-business applications, Microsoft SharePoint, and CRM.

Strong User Adoption

The KnowledgeLake user interface is easier to use and more intuitive than most legacy document management solutions which usually require extensive training.

Priced for Enterprise Adoption

The scanning backlog was eliminated as there are no scanning volume limitations or incremental costs. Paper can now be stored cost effectively off-site or recycled rather than put in filing cabinets.

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