Microsoft + KnowledgeLake = Everybody Wins

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KnowledgeLake: Four-time Microsoft Partner of the Year

KnowledgeLake set out two decades ago to make the most-used document management system, Microsoft SharePoint, better at processing transactional content – the content central to getting business done. We figured enterprise functions like Finance, HR and Claims should be able to easily get content in and out of SharePoint and access it from their line of business systems. And in 2003, we released the first document processing solution built on the SharePoint platform, which has won many awards in the years since.

Today, we focus on helping our customers win by supporting end-to-end transactional content processing in the Microsoft Azure cloud. That means removing longstanding constraints around document classification and data capture, content searchability and system integration, to name a few. The cloud has given us the capability to address these age-old challenges in a new way, not just for our two million licensed users on SharePoint, but for any oganization using Azure, SharePoint or SharePoint Online. Microsoft has most recently validated the KnowledgeLake platform's relevance in choosing us as a charter member of its new Content Services Preferred Partner Program, citing our expertise in Capture, Workflow and Migration. 

Microsoft Organizations: We’ve Got You Covered

Whether you store your most important documents and data in an open-standards repository like SharePoint or SharePoint Online, or in the Microsoft Azure cloud, KnowledgeLake delivers greater automation and more effective interaction with that content. Our cloud platform combines patent-pending machine learning and robotic process automation intellectual properties for next-generation content management.

Quickly and efficiently capture, process, deliver, store, search, view, secure, manage and annotate your
organization’s content in the cloud. KnowledgeLake proactively reads and applies the way you’ve organized your metadata to incoming content, offering controls to route and store your data in the Microsoft platform of your choosing.

Benefits of the Knowledgelake Platform

Regardless of where you store your content, KnowledgeLake makes interacting with that data easier and more effective. 

Leverage what you have in place

Immediate, automated bi-directional connectivity to the metadata and processes already established in SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Dynamics or any line of business system

Solve all transactional content challenges

Deploy platform capabilities as needed for any business process. Mix and match services under a unified user experience.

Automate more processes with RPA

Combine automated workflow with robotic process automation, for Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint or other platforms, and you free up your users from more manual tasks than ever possible.

Quick user adoption

Business users thrive with flexible content services architected for the cloud and delivered via lightweight, user-engaged web interfaces, across all content sites and platforms.

See immediate value

Trade long, complicated implementations for up and running in days. Configure centrally, share globally.

Pay Only for What You Use

Predictable annual spend. Unlimited users​ and infinitely scalable consumption at transaction-based pricing.

New Belgium Brewery is a leading independent craft beer company, founded in 1991, with a culture of innovation that spans all areas of the business. Tye Eyden, Collaborative Business Systems Analyst, selected the KnowledgeLake Platform integrated with Microsoft SharePoint for its extensible content management capabilities. Within months, Tye was able to roll out KnowledgeLake in multiple departments, including Human Resources, Finance and Environmental Health & Safety.

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