Line-of-Business Integration with SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Unify integrates your business applications with your electronic content in SharePoint.

Improve satisfaction and response times by allowing workers to quickly access documents from any software system.

KnowledgeLake Unify provides powerful solutions for line-of-business integration with SharePoint.

Work with invoices, packing slips, contracts, client account information, insurance forms, credit applications, I9s, resumes, job applications and so much more – all without asking workers to leave their familiar business applications to do so.

KnowledgeLake SharePoint Integration Increases Productivity

Minimize data entry errors, user frustration, and unnecessary costs in processing with SharePoint integration.

KnowledgeLake Unify Line-of-Business SharePoint Integration
  • Increase productivity of document processing, workflows and retrieval

  • Keep employees focused by minimizing distractions and application switching

  • Meet users where they work, allowing them to work in their everyday apps

  • Maximize usability and ROI of SharePoint and business applications

Integrate Line-of-Business Applications with SharePoint

Make it quick and easy for employees to search, reference and archive documents in SharePoint without leaving their familiar business application.

KnowledgeLake Unify Line-of-Business SharePoint Integration

Integrate Line-of-Business Applications with SharePoint.

Interact with SharePoint content using any Windows-based or browser-based business application, allowing workers to stay in the native interface where they prefer to work. KnowledgeLake Unify features smart and context-aware, one-click integrations to scan or upload new documents to SharePoint, or to retrieve related documents from SharePoint.

KnowledgeLake Unify Line-of-Business SharePoint Integration

Access to related documents with a single click.

Gain instant access to SharePoint content with a single click from the interface of your everyday business application. KnowledgeLake Unify is smart, and uses on-screen information from the record being viewed to fire a powerful and targeted SharePoint search to get to the related documents instantly.

KnowledgeLake Unify Line-of-Business SharePoint Integration

Scan, upload and index related documents.

Enable scanning and uploading of new documents to SharePoint, while working natively with the record in the business application. We grab metadata right from the screen, tie it to the document as metadata, and then upload it to SharePoint. Content is automatically routed to the right document library and surrounded with that metadata that was just pulled off of the application record.

KnowledgeLake Unify Line-of-Business SharePoint Integration

Simple and centralized administration.

Enhance security and reduce administration by centrally storing and managing KnowledgeLake Unify configurations in SharePoint document libraries. New configurations can be created from existing templates and a wizard is supplied to customize each application and integration.

Companies benefit from allowing quick access to content by their workers.

"We felt that KnowledgeLake fit very well into the SharePoint infrastructure."

Rebecca Wilson Productivity Management Group

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Tyson Foods

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