Integrate software with Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Unify Line-of-Business Integration with SharePoint

Integrate your business applications with your electronic content in SharePoint
KnowledgeLake Unify surfaces SharePoint content to your line of business applications, making it quick and easy for employees to search, reference and archive documents in SharePoint without leaving their familiar business application. Due to SharePoint integration with your Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft and other business applications, you will reduce costs and increase productivity with instant access to content - right at your fingertips.
  • Instant Access – gain access to any document the moment it is needed
  • Search Integration – surface SharePoint content to any business application interface
  • Scan and Index – one click scan and index to SharePoint
  • Context-Aware – KnowledgeLake Unify button only displays when applicable documents are available
  • Security – configurations are centrally managed in SharePoint
  • Flexible Configuration – KnowledgeLake Unify provides templates and wizards for easy implementation
  • Integrate SharePoint with any Windows-based or Internet Explorer-based business application
  • Leverage the KnowledgeLake Unify embedded button for ‘quick start’ directly from your business application
  • Enhance security and reduce administration by storing and managing KnowledgeLake Unify configurations in SharePoint document libraries
  • Increase productivity with quick access to documents driving faster processing, approvals and workflow completion
  • Improve external and internal customer satisfaction and response times by enabling employees to access documents from any software system
  • Keep employees focused by minimizing distractions caused by disparate business systems
  • Drive user adoption for both your business applications and SharePoint deployment
  • Eliminate information separation and improve employee communication and collaboration
  • Maximize the return on investment from business applications and your SharePoint deployment
SharePoint integration

Enable quick access to critical content

With the click of a button, your employees can quickly search SharePoint, reference and interact with critical documents stored in SharePoint - such as invoices, packing slips, contracts, client account information, insurance forms, credit applications, I9s, resumes, job applications and so much more - all without leaving their familiar business application, such as: Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP, or PeopleSoft environments.

DEMO: Search, reference & archive SharePoint content without leaving your business apps.
Improve Profitability with KnowledgeLake SharePoint ECM

Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction

KnowledgeLake Unify enables you to reduce the costs associated with searching, retrieving and storing paper based documents by providing users with immediate access to content from any business application. Immediate access to scanned paper documents and electronic files empower your front line and back office employees to improve customer responsiveness satisfaction and ultimately loyalty.
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KnowledgeLake Content Management Software

Improve employee productivity

Allow your employees to focus on the task-at-hand by minimizing the disruptions of switching from business application to business application. Whether your organization is centralized or distributed, KnowledgeLake Unify can help you increase productivity with instant access to content driving quicker processing, approvals and workflow completion – creating less frustration, minimizing data entry errors and lowering costs.
See how we helped an Electric Company unify their line-of-business applications.

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When users are in PeopleSoft to approve a purchase order, they can click on the KnowledgeLake Unify button, which instantly lets them search in SharePoint for the relevant contract review documents.