Robotic Process Automation Eliminates Repetitive Tasks

RPA technology improves process precision and efficiency through its digital workforce

Gain productivity with tools that simplify integrations.

Realize value quickly with robotic process automation that handles predictable tasks like invoicing, bill or purchase order processing. medical record creation, employee on-boarding; or any document account creation requiring batch-oriented, high-volume processing and demands enterprise-class scalability, logging, and security.
  • Centralized in the cloud

    All job creation, submission, and production monitoring are accessible from any device

  • Bots meet users where they work

    Support process automation with simple setup, optimization, and operation

  • Quickly reap the benefit of robots

    Simple, effective tools for deployment that gets you up and running quickly

  • Stable system integration

    Ensure quick, non-invasive RPA technology shortcuts the pain of custom development and APIs

  • Automate any process

    Accelerate high-value, rules-based, and repeatable tasks

  • Flexible deployment

    Create and deploy automations on dedicated virtual machines or servers

Leverage the digital workforce to automate processes across any business application

Increase user participation with easy, familiar user interfaces to onboard, expedite, and improve automated processes without leaving their familiar business application.

Robotic Process Automation - RPA Technology

Deploy according to your strategy.

Run on-premises or connect via the cloud for flexibility during implementation, allowing you to rapidly scale your new robotic workforce.

Robotic Process Automation - RPA Technology

Handle exceptions in real time, right from the desktop.

Regardless of where a specific RPA bot is executing, if it encounters an issue that requires human intervention, the bot can present a live user prompt to one or more registered managers who can intervene.

If a manager elects to accept the prompt, he can connect directly to the “desktop” of the bot and intervene as needed. This prevents common delays in processing when sending the job to an exception queue for future processing.

Robotic Process Automation - RPA Technology

Gain insight into processes for effective management.

Whether a manager is responding to a live runtime prompt or working with an exception queue after a batch of jobs has completed, you always have full access to the bot’s execution log.

This allows for review of every step and examination of the state of all data variables at any point in the process. These logs serve both as a diagnostic and process compliance tool.

Robotic Process Automation - RPA Technology

Easily leverage worker knowledge with video replay reviews.

If for any reason the worker cannot diagnose a problem based on log data, he always has the option of viewing a video replay of a given automation’s execution.

While logs are very helpful in diagnosing issues, showing a worker exactly what a bot did during its execution in the “language of the user” (i.e. the screens, keystrokes, mouse clicks, etc.) is a more intuitive way of figuring out what went wrong.

Robotic Process Automation - RPA Technology

Access administrative tools from a single point anytime, anywhere.

Through the web-based centralized administration portal, administrators can perform all of the tasks need to keep the bots in line, including control, monitoring, execution, scheduling, and updating all of the bots from a single location.

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