KnowledgeLake Provides Enterprise Content Management Solutions For The "Leader" In The ECM Marketplace

KnowledgeLake is thrilled that Microsoft continues to lead the Gartner Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Magic Quadrant. KnowledgeLake provides ECM solutions exclusively for Microsoft SharePoint and targets the Document Capture, Imaging, and Workflow segment of this market.

The Gartner 2010 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management report cites the ECM industry as containing "four worlds"; Transactional Content Management, Social Content Management, Online Channel Optimization and Content Management as Infrastructure. KnowledgeLake, along with Microsoft SharePoint fall into the Transactional Content Management (TCM) "world". TCM includes solutions for imaging and workflow which is where KnowledgeLake differentiates itself as the leader in the SharePoint ECM space as the only vendor to focus exclusively on SharePoint and offer a truly open platform solution for Document Capture, Imaging, and Workflow.

"The ECM market grew at 4.8% last year and is expected to grow at a compound rate of 10.1% annually now through 2014," stated Ron Cameron, President of KnowledgeLake, Inc. "Microsoft is leading this market and our decision to focus exclusively on Microsoft SharePoint has been a key to our success and has enabled us to experience 312% revenue growth since 2007."

The Gartner report cites KnowledgeLake as a third-party solution provider for "document capture". This is certainly part of the KnowledgeLake offering, but the KnowledgeLake ECM solution spans a much greater portion of ECM. There are many vendors that provide "document capture" solutions, but KnowledgeLake is the only vendor that also provides a solution for managing the content of the electronic data within SharePoint as a Document Imaging solution. This includes the searching, viewing, securing, routing and annotating of mission critical electronic content.

KnowledgeLake also differentiates itself by providing a unique offering for SharePoint searching by taking full advantage of both the native SharePoint Search and FAST Search providers, delivering pin-point accurate keyword and property search results on a single page.

KnowledgeLake just finished three exceptionally strong quarters in 2010 and gained over 180 new customers (globally over 2.1 million users) and received six new awards.

About The KnowledgeLake ECM Solution
KnowledgeLake develops document imaging related products and solutions for Microsoft SharePoint Server. KnowledgeLake extends the ECM capabilities of SharePoint, enabling businesses to reduce mailing costs, streamline operations, and achieve regulatory compliance using familiar Microsoft products that most businesses already own and use. KnowledgeLake products and solutions are deployed globally in thousands of organizations in many different horizontal and vertical industry sectors including public sector, healthcare, financial services, transportation and more. For more information, visit

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