KnowledgeLake Launches RPA for Microsoft Suite of Products

ST. LOUIS, Missouri – May 14, 2019 – KnowledgeLake, a transactional content services company, recently extended a robotic process automation (RPA) feature for Microsoft. KnowledgeLake’s RPA enables organizations to leverage the features of their existing Azure, Power Platform, Dynamics, and SharePoint solutions by eliminating the traditional complexity of integrating multiple line-of-business systems. By enhancing its portfolio with a Microsoft-integrated RPA solution, KnowledgeLake gives organizations the ability to streamline their business processes while also maximizing the individual benefits of their existing Microsoft solutions: Azure, for example, will gain unprecedented extensibility in its AI and machine learning services with the addition of KnowledgeLake RPA.

Deployment of KnowledgeLake’s RPA solution also allows organizations to automate repetitive manual tasks using autonomous computer programs, or “bots.” Bots learn how to carry out simple, repetitive tasks by watching end users perform them on their desktop, making them a valuable tool for increasing an individual worker’s productivity.

Ron Cameron, KnowledgeLake CEO said: “KnowledgeLake’s RPA solution for Microsoft lets our customers and partners maximize the functionality of their existing Microsoft solution. It integrates seamlessly with Microsoft software as well as everything else, so organizations can begin using RPA to automate manual processes much sooner than if they had to do a typical complicated overhaul of their entire system. With the addition of this offering, we’ve made it simpler than ever for our customers and partners to increase productivity in their organization using the KnowledgeLake Platform.”

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About KnowledgeLake

Since 1999, KnowledgeLake’s singular focus has been to amplify worker productivity by eliminating paper, streamlining document processing and automating business-critical operations. With a team of enterprise content management (ECM) and content services experts equipped with award-winning Microsoft-centric technology, KnowledgeLake delivers powerful solutions that put content to work. After earning the Microsoft Partner of the Year award year after year, thousands of companies worldwide trust KnowledgeLake to provide content management and process automation expertise in their Microsoft SharePoint, SharePoint Online, Azure and multi-repository environments.

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