KnowledgeLake Document Imaging for SharePoint

KnowledgeLake Imaging Document Imaging for SharePoint

Transform out-of-the-box SharePoint into a powerful enterprise content management system
KnowledgeLake Document Imaging for SharePoint enables organizations to transform their out-of-the-box SharePoint deployments into a comprehensive, scalable and enterprise-ready content management system that blends information with employees and business processes to drive your business forward. More capable than more expensive legacy ECM applications, KnowledgeLake Document Imaging is easy to implement and administer, presents low risk, and is highly cost-effective.
  • Search – experience fast, relevant searches using any combination of full-text or SharePoint column properties
  • View/Edit – enable users to view and edit common document types including PDF, TIFF and Microsoft Office documents from a web browser
  • Index – configure content type connectivity with line-of-business applications to increase productivity and reduce manual errors
  • Scan – scan and index documents without leaving the SharePoint interface
  • Export – export a collection of documents from SharePoint to an administrator-configured file share
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – extend your KnowledgeLake solution with easy integration and customization


  • Search and find any document or list item across the SharePoint farm
  • Pre-configure and store saved searches
  • Browser-based interface with multiple tabbed instances
  • Perform full-text and column property searches
  • Group, filter and sort search results
  • View document thumbnails and SharePoint properties within search results
  • Take full advantage of both the native SharePoint Search and FAST Search providers
  • Build custom views to personalize the look and feel of search results


  • View multiple documents side by side or in tabbed viewing
  • View pages of documents immediately without waiting for the entire document to load
  • Bookmark specific pages for faster access through the document lifecycle
  • Image caching for increased viewing speed
  • User-driven interface with floating and drag-and-dock panels
  • Initiate and interact with SharePoint workflows
    • In-Viewer Searching
      • Keyword and phrase searching for PDF with relevance ranking and sorting
      • Find similar documents with one click, or configure granular searching of document properties for more targeted results
      • View SharePoint Document Set content
    • In-Viewer Editing
      • Annotate documents using text, image stamps, highlights, lines and sticky notes
      • View or modify SharePoint column properties with access controlled by SharePoint security
      • Document Check In/Out
      • Encrypt selective regions/pages of PDF and TIFF files using DocEncrypt
      • Upload, Scan, Delete, Rearrange, Rotate, and Replace PDF and TIFF pages without additional software
      • “Save As” a new SharePoint document, including its existing properties


  • Enhance the built-in functionality of SharePoint Content Types with connections to business applications and databases for column validations, cascading lookups and other advanced auto-indexing features
  • Take advantage of the Content Type Hub to provide KnowledgeLake Content Type Behavior Syndication across the entire SharePoint farm to aid in the delivery and governance of taxonomy
  • Enhance native SharePoint features such as managed metadata columns, Content Types and Business Connectivity Services
  • Simplify the user experience while onboarding content by displaying only relevant SharePoint Content Types


  • Scan PDF, TIFF and XPS documents directly from SharePoint with a locally attached capture device
  • View images and enter column properties inside your browser
  • Use KnowledgeLake for validations, auto-index and drop-down pick lists before saving SharePoint properties
  • Supports TWAIN scanners


  • Execute a search in SharePoint to drive the export list
  • Export all results or selected items
  • Exports contain either documents only, or documents and desired metadata
  • Permissions-based access to Export Jobs


  • Includes a Visual Studio sample application and a compiled HTML file describing each component's extensibility points and object model
  • Export Extensibility allows developers to submit custom export jobs to KnowledgeLake Export Developer support
  • Create custom buttons and panels for programmatic interaction with the document and its metadata within the viewer
  • Increase information sharing and collaboration from anywhere using a secure web-based browser
  • Generate high user adoption while simplifying and improving the SharePoint user experience
  • Eliminate or reduce information silos
  • Reduce risks and achieve regulatory compliance by enhancing the scalability and security of familiar Microsoft products
  • Drive employee efficiency and productivity by integrating SharePoint with your line-of-business systems
  • Improve external and internal customer satisfaction by equipping employees with the ability to quickly search, find and share documents
search SharePoint

Unclutter and reduce the complexity associated with out-of-the-box SharePoint document management

Many out-of-the-box SharePoint deployments do not meet business requirements. End users find the platform complicated to use and harder to find the exact content they need when they need it. KnowledgeLake Document Imaging resolves these issues by delivering a powerful way for information workers to search SharePoint, find, share and collaborate on documents.
See how we make it easy for users to interact with SharePoint content.
SharePoint ROI

Boost productivity with powerful SharePoint search capabilities

Give your employees quick and efficient access to documents without needing to download and open a document to its native application. KnowledgeLake Imaging delivers a robust experience to search SharePoint, making it extremely easy to find the right documents using targeted property-based, full text or keyword search. Common document types, including PDF, TIFF and Microsoft Office documents, can be viewed using a web browser.
Learn how automation reduces costs and boosts productivity.
Team Collaboration

Increase collaboration and eliminate information silos

KnowledgeLake Document Imaging’s expansive document viewing, editing and sharing capabilities encourage collaboration and make cross-team business processes more efficient by utilizing information that has traditionally been siloed in network file shares, personal computers, e-mail inboxes and yes, out-of-the-box SharePoint deployments. KnowledgeLake Document Imaging’s in-viewer editor empowers users to upload to SharePoint, scan, delete, rearrange, rotate and replace documents without additional software.
Empower your people, centralize your information & automate your processes.
SharePoint Security

Promote SharePoint security and regulatory compliance

Equip your employees with a powerful enterprise SharePoint content management solution before they bypass the IT department to buy and deploy their own file sharing tool. KnowledgeLake Document Imaging is the enterprise content management backbone that helps you keep documents secure and stop corporate content from escaping your firewall. KnowledgeLake Imaging improves Microsoft product security, including SharePoint security, for regulatory compliance and can even automate retention policies.
Migrate to SharePoint and gain the security and flexibility your organization demands.
SharePoint ROI

Maximize your Microsoft SharePoint document management investment

KnowledgeLake is a three-time Microsoft Partner of the Year award winner and is recognized as the founder of the SharePoint document imaging market place in 2003. KnowledgeLake has the deep experience and expertise to help you maximize your return on investment made in this powerful document imaging system, as most customers realize ROI in three to six months, while creating an enterprise content management system that users love.
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Are you ready to make the most of your SharePoint ECM investment?

Learn how KnowledgeLake unclutters SharePoint to deliver a more robust, reliable, compliant and scalable ECM system.

Sometimes our staff would spend hours trying to find specific documents, which were scattered in folders in filing cabinets. With the KnowledgeLake ECM solution, an employee can simply search for specific keywords and pull up a document in a matter of seconds. It saves a huge amount of personnel time-time that can be put to better use than searching through filing cabinet drawers.
George Podolak
IT Director