A comprehensive document capture solution to quickly centralize your mission-critical enterprise content

KnowledgeLake Capture is a high-volume, production-level document capture solution designed to reduce the time and costs associated with storing, searching and distributing paper documents. Tightly integrated with Microsoft SharePoint, KnowledgeLake Capture enables end users in various locations, such as corporate headquarters, branch and home offices, to easily scan to SharePoint and index documents, then store them in a SharePoint repository. These organizations can leverage SharePoint batch scanning, and document capture with data extraction for SharePoint.

Minimize complexity associated with document capture

Much more than a simple “Scan to SharePoint” application, KnowledgeLake acts as a single, manageable interface to boost the full feature set of your company’s document scanning devices, including: MFPs, desktop scanners, departmental scanners and production scanners. Our solution naturally integrates with your end-users’ desktops for the document capture and standardization of electronic content from Microsoft Office, e-mail or even line-of-business applications.

Drive business processes while minimizing risk

Minimize the risk of errors associated with manual data entry by automatic data extraction from scanned documents, validating the data and then storing the document and the metadata in SharePoint. KnowledgeLake Capture improves your business processes, organizational productivity and business outcomes by classifying your content and ensuring the information is accurate, retrievable, secure and auditable.

End-to-end high-volume scanning from your multi-function devices

Leverage the productivity power of KnowledgeLake Capture with end-to-end automated document processing using OCR document indexing, image processing and clean up, data validation, document conversion, and release to SharePoint. Leverage SharePoint batch scanning from any multi-function device for an enterprise-scalable, decentralized document capture solution. KnowledgeLake’s document capture solution monitors import folders and email boxes for incoming documents, enabling off-hours SharePoint batch scanning.

Key Features

  • Advanced Scanning – powerful and flexible high-volume document capture and release to SharePoint
  • Advanced Indexing – save time and reduce errors with automated indexing
  • Advanced Capture – automated image processing, document recognition, classification, data extraction and indexing
  • Advanced Image Processing – enhance images in multiple formats and options
  • Administration – easily configure, install and customize the software using user profiles
  • Automated Email Importer – capture received email messages and attachments and turn them into actionable digital content
  • Software Development Kit (SDK) – enables easy integration and customization for KnowledgeLake Capture

Technical Highlights

  • Supports SharePoint 2013, 2010 and 2007 environments
  • Scan high volumes of documents and efficiently tag them with metadata
  • Perform OCR, barcode and other automatic indexing along with one-click release and routing to SharePoint
  • Scan documents from desktop, fax, MFP/MFD, network folders and multiple branch offices
  • Powerful batch monitoring and control of off-hours processing for added efficiency
  • Save scanned images as documents directly into SharePoint
  • On-ramp content to SharePoint Online and Office 365
  • Extract messages and attachments from IMAP or Exchange email mailboxes or folders for automated routing and advanced processing
  • Batch capture using barcodes and forms identification for document separation
  • Automatic indexing using barcodes, zones, OCR and database lookups
  • Flexible means of incorporating custom integration with line-of-business applications
  • Multi-function device collaboration

Key Benefits

  • Manage any document volume, ranging from ad-hoc desktop scanning to high-volume batch scanning, production-level scenarios with the scalable scanning solution
  • Save paper and electronic documents to SharePoint quickly and securely, from anywhere you have a web connection
  • Scan, index, route and access critical information instantly
  • Lower legal and regulatory risks by classifying and storing content in an orderly manner and making it easily accessible for compliance purposes
  • Increase efficiencies by freeing up scan stations during resource-intensive scanning with server-based processing
  • Increase the return on your SharePoint and Microsoft investments


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