KnowledgeLake Capture: Scan to SharePoint

Document Scanning to SharePoint

Reduce the time and costs associated with storing, searching and distributing paper documents using Microsoft SharePoint.

KnowledgeLake Capture enables end-users across branches, campuses, and home offices to easily scan to SharePoint as their document repository.

  • Save paper and electronic documents to SharePoint quickly and securely.

  • Scan, index, and release any volume of documents.

  • Increase user adoption of SharePoint and Microsoft Office.

  • Enhance the intelligence and speed of document capture and processing.

Much more than a simple “Scan to SharePoint” scanner application.

A powerful scanner application that does more. KnowledgeLake acts as a single, manageable, and powerful scanner application that does more to boost the full feature set of your company’s document scanning devices, including MFPs, desktop scanners, departmental scanners and production scanners.

Scan and index documents with intelligence and speed.

  • Save scanned images as documents directly into SharePoint and easily tag with metadata
  • Capture documents from desktop scanners, multi-function (MFP/MFD) devices, network folders, and other branches or campuses
SharePoint Document Processing

Process documents quickly.

  • Automatically recognize, classify and extract data from documents with barcodes and blank-sheet detection
  • Speed processing with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and automated indexing behaviors
  • Batch capture using barcodes and forms identification for document separation
  • One-click release and routing to SharePoint, all based on SharePoint Content Types

Made exclusively for SharePoint.

  • Auto-route content and extracted metadata to the correct location in SharePoint without user intervention.
  • Inherit SharePoint Content Types and permissions to ensure simple extensibility, maintenance, and security.
  • Supports SharePoint Online/Office 365, 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007.

Hey SharePoint Admins, this fits right in.

  • Inherit SharePoint Content Types and permission schema to eliminate complex field mapping or custom code.
  • Easily configure, install and customize the software using user profiles.
  • Flexibly integrate with line-of-business applications.

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Thousands have chosen KnowledgeLake to help them scan to SharePoint.

"We’ve been able to create a more sustainable process that reduced expenses by cutting back on paper, toner, and other consumables, and reclaimed physical storage space that used to be dedicated to paper documents."

Paul Van Beek Senior Web Technical Analyst

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"As more and more documents find their way to SharePoint with the KnowledgeLake solution, the SharePoint system becomes an important, centralized repository for storing and accessing essential corporate information."

David Peterson Enterprise Collaboration Manager

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"We felt that KnowledgeLake fit very well into the SharePoint infrastructure."

Rebecca Wilson Productivity Management Group

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Document Search For SharePoint Online
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