Automate essential document scanning tasks to increase enterprise-wide business productivity

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture is an intelligent, accurate and scalable automated document processing solution. With our solution reduces risk of errors and operating costs associated with manual data entry and improves productivity by enabling information workers to focus on high value tasks. Best of all, it is a complete solution with no hidden costs – no per-scanning or volume charges.

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture to Accelerate Business

There are solutions on the market today that let users extract document information for use as metadata or in automated business processes. But these solutions require documents to be manually prepped—typically using separator sheets—and classified.

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture, on the other hand, provides not only the extraction but also automates document separation and classification. Deliver measurable value for a wide range of business processes, such as invoice processing, mailroom automation, loan processing, sales-order entry, new customer on-boarding, mortgage-document processing, and insurance processing.

Accounts Payable Invoice Processing Automation

Get a better handle on your cash flow and payment processes.

Upon receiving an invoice electronically or in paper form, KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture analyzes the invoice to determine its structure and content. Invoice data, such as invoice number, invoice date, PO number, and even line item detail with invoice total amounts is automatically extracted.

Based on business rules, the invoice is then validated against your line of business systems for purchase order details and supplier matching. The content is saved, tagged with metadata and routed to Microsoft SharePoint for secure storage and easy retrieval.

Loan Processing Automation

Make faster, more informed loan decisions.

Incoming loan applications (by email, fax, online or in paper form) are automatically identified based on text and layout. Relevant data is extracted based on pre-defined rules and validated prior to releasing to Microsoft SharePoint.

The documents then enter a workflow process, facilitating faster information sharing between agents, customer service representatives, underwriters and other personnel.

How does it work?

We reduce the need for manual corrections to your data as it’s brought in to drive efficiency and increase throughput.

By training the system to understand your company’s documents, they are properly assembled, classified and have the correct fields extracted.

As a document goes through the system in a workflow, information is extracted and automated handling is done to approve and validate the information.

The information is tagged with meaningful metadata and routed to the proper location in Microsoft SharePoint, where the powerful KnowledgeLake Imaging Search and Viewing capabilities can be leveraged.

Key Features

  • Automated image processing, document recognition, classification, separation, data extraction and indexing technology
  • Validate and correct questionable data
  • Release documents and metadata to workflow or content locations
  • Fully customizable user interface such as document review and validation for classification and extraction exceptions
  • All-in-one solution with no hidden costs – no per-scanning or volume charges
  • Email, fax and hi-speed scanner integration such as IBML and Opex

Technical Highlights

  • 100% on premise web based, no need to install software on user stations
  • Supports OCR, ICR and OMR
  • Full support for traditional on premises installation or in the cloud
  • Identify and classify document types
  • Extract variable data from pages of documents
  • Validate and correct questionable data
  • Release documents and metadata to workflow or content locations
  • Accessible from any station having access to the server, no charges for additional user stations
  • All advanced functionality is bundled – no needed add-ons

Key Benefits

  • Streamline your paper and electronic content flow into Microsoft SharePoint
  • Reduce manual document scanning preparation time
  • Reduce risk of errors associated with document classification and manual data entry
  • Ensure data integrity with database validation
  • Improve workflow results and business value with greater granularity of classification and meta data extraction

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