KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture OCR Software

Automate content capture and extraction

OCR software that automates document processing to speed up processing and drive greater accuracy

Intelligent, accurate and scalable automated document processing improves productivity by enabling information workers to focus on higher value tasks.

  • Centralize and secure content across departments, locations or the enterprise

  • Reduce digitization costs by increasing productivity and dropping per-page licensing

  • Web based experience to reduce training, deployment and ongoing maintenance

  • Connect to multiple instances of cloud platforms, data sources, or ECM systems

How does our advanced capture OCR technology work?

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture OCR Software

Scan or import mixed content with OCR technology.

Scan or import from any location or system, and then perform Optical Character Recognition (OCR) across the entire document. There is no need for laborious document preparation of separating documents, injecting barcodes, or removing blank sheets.

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture OCR Software

Intelligently auto-classify the content.

The classification engine looks for context clues on the page. It determines the document type within a given tolerance threshold, and classifies it according to your business rules.

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture OCR Software

Extract relevant data without effort.

Labels and keywords are auto-recognized within the page, and relevant data values are pulled from the document and assigned as metadata associated with the content.

KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture OCR Software

Validate or address any exceptions.

For categorization or extracted values that do not meet the threshold, the user is shown the best guess populated in the highlighted field. Simply accept, re-enter or “lasso” the information from the page.

OCR Software to multiple repositories

Route and safely store in your systems.

Your data is automatically sent to your ERP, CRM and other LOB applications either on-premises or cloud for archiving or for further processing and automation.

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"We estimate that we’ve cut our paper usage in finance and accounting by at least 80 percent. Eventually, KnowledgeLake will also let us cut our physical storage costs and space almost completely."

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KnowledgeLake Advanced Capture With OCR Software

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