Kentucky Housing Corporation

Agency Uses Ecm Solution To Provide Safe, Quality, Affordable Housing To Families

As part of an effort to improve the delivery of its services, Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) needed a low-cost, easyto-implement alternative to its existing document processing systems. KHC worked with KnowledgeLake to deploy an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. The ECM system helps KHC staff capture, store, and search important documents.


Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) has a 38-year history as a leader in affordable housing. Since its creation in 1972, KHC has made homeownership possible for more than 82,000 Kentucky households—many who would not have been able to find safe, quality, affordable housing without the help of this agency.

A self-supporting, public corporation of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, KHC is administratively attached to the state Finance and Administration Cabinet. Operating funds come partly from the interest earned through the sale of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds and also through fees received for administering federal programs. In addition to helping people purchase homes, KHC provides rental assistance to more than 27,000 low-income Kentucky households, housing production financing, homeownership education and counseling, housing rehabilitation, and supportive housing for special needs populations.


Kentucky Housing Corporation (KHC) strives to provide safe, quality, affordable housing to families throughout the state.

Kentucky, United States

Government agency

To pull all this together, KHC works with many partners across the state, such as lenders, government agencies, non-profit housing providers, builders, real estate agents, community organizations, and developers. Together, they create affordable housing opportunities through an array of programs and services all designed to address needs ranging from homelessness to home-buying.

“The key to KHC’s outstanding history as a leader in affordable housing is our dedicated and diverse staff. We continue to look for ways to enhance our programs and our delivery of services,” says Rick Boggs, CIO of Kentucky Housing Corporation.

Improving the delivery of services is no small task given the continual growth of the organization and the ever-increasing volumes of both paper-based and electronic documentation. KHC needed a low-cost, low-risk, easy-to-implement alternative to its existing document processing systems—and one that would enable a quick return on investment.

"Going with a Microsoft-based solution, we were able to take advantage of technologies that we already use, making it easier for our staff to adopt this new solution."

-Rick Boggs, CIO, Kentucky Housing Corporation


To help address these challenges, KHC turned to Microsoft Gold Certified Partner KnowledgeLake, a provider of document imaging and capture software for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. “Going with a Microsoft based solution, we were able to take advantage of technologies that we already use, making it easier for our staff to adopt this new solution,” says Boggs

Working with KnowledgeLake, KHC deployed an ECM solution based on KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint, Capture, and Connect software for SharePoint. Together, these products provide a content management system that easily captures, stores, and searches documents, regardless of whether they are received as paper copies or electronic information received through e-mail or fax.

By building on Office SharePoint Server, KHC ensured the extensibility of the solution. SharePoint Server provides a single, unified environment that integrates into KHC’s existing infrastructure and takes advantage of users’ familiarity with other products in the Microsoft Office system.

According to Jennifer Redden, Director of Application Development for Kentucky Housing Corporation, “We reviewed several products before choosing KnowledgeLake Imaging for SharePoint. One of the appealing aspects of this imaging system was its use of SharePoint Server. The ability to integrate SharePoint with other wellknown applications, like those in the Microsoft Office system and Windows Internet Explorer, enables our users to feel instantly familiar with the solution, helping to achieve adoption.”

In addition, KHC uses Microsoft SQL Server data management software to store data from structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents directly within the database. SQL Server provides the high levels of security and reliability that are needed to store sensitive information regarding housing loans and finances.


With its ECM solution, KHC staff can now process loans and applications with greater efficiency, enabling the agency to better serve the housing needs of Kentucky families.

Improved Efficiency

When KHC receives paper-based or faxed loan documents, staff members scan them, and the scanned images are then indexed into the KnowledgeLake application, which adds custom metadata tags, such as loan numbers, tenant identification number, and client last name. Additional document search and retrieval capabilities also help staff retrieve and view loan information with more efficiency.

The scanned documents are stored in Microsoft SQL Server and accessed through Office SharePoint Server. Documents received electronically are augmented with metadata tags and stored directly in the system to facilitate search.

Easily Accessible, More Secure Data

With the move from paper-based files to digital data, KHC can be sure that users are always working from the most current information. “We like that the KnowledgeLake document viewer requires no installation or add-ins, which will reduce the amount of time necessary to implement this solution across the Corporation,” says Redden.

The ECM solution helps KHC employees find, assist with, and deliver greater security for sensitive data. “By using barcodes and adding automated indexing, we will be more efficient and productive,” Redden

Greater Flexibility, Reduced Costs

With flexible search options, KHC canmanipulate data quickly and easily for reporting and planning purposes. “The ability to connect to our other databases for column validations, auto-population of fields, and list boxes will increase our efficiency and productivity,” says Redden.

KHC expects to save money because the cost of handling electronic files is less than the cost of filing, storing, and retrieving paper-based files.

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