Jefferson County Public Schools

Public School Improves Accuracy and Productivity by Digitizing Student Transcripts

Jefferson County Public Schools realized that multiple departments required improvements for day-to-day business processes and document management practices. With KnowledgeLake, the district has reduced the time it takes to manage, file, and retrieve vital documents. In addition, they have significantly reduced the amount of paper waste. Within just a couple of months, JCPS scanned close to 10,000 documents into SharePoint, a vast improvement from their earlier document management processes.

The Challenge

Jefferson County Public Schools struggled with long wait times when it came to retrieving and sharing student transcripts; not only were they using microfilm to search and print transcripts, but they were also converting paper documents into microfilm. The Human Resources and Payroll Departments were inundated with paper on a daily basis and found it challenging to find and share files in a timely manner. In addition, open records requests took a significant amount of time away from the payroll clerks daily tasks. The district was in need of a solution that could streamline all of these daily tasks.

The Solution

JCPS chose KnowledgeLake to enhance Microsoft Office's SharePoint Server. Together, the technologies formed the foundation for a new document management infrastructure that would facilitate document storage, immediate retrieval, and sharing. Thanks to the implementation expertise of Microsoft Consulting Services, they were able to set up the necessary infrastructure needed for a 64-bit Moss 2007 deployment.

“The fact that we didn’t have an adequate solution for Document Imaging out of the box with SharePoint was another hurdle, but this was solved with the implementation of KnowledgeLake.”

Doug Sutherland, Web Architect, Jefferson County Public Schools


Jefferson County Public Schools is the largest K-12 school district in Kentucky with almost 20,000 employees and nearly 100,000 students.

Kentucky, United States


Jefferson Schools

“Microsoft fits with our current infrastructure since we are trying to standardize on one platform. We have a web development team that writes Business applications using .Net and SQL server. This fits in well with KnowledgeLake because of the SDK they provide. It allows us to utilize a lot of the Document Imaging functionality in our existing applications”

Doug Sutherland - Web Architect.

Results & Benefits

Revitalized operations

Moving paper documents into SharePoint and transforming them into digital documents has reduced the time it takes to manage, file and retrieve vital documents.

Ease of Implementation

Not only are KnowledgeLake solutions easy to implement, but they are easy to use. Within just a couple months, JCPS scanned close to 10,000 documents into SharePoint, a vast improvement from the earlier document management processes.

Enviromental Impact

In addition, the district has significantly reduced the amount of paper waste.

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