How it works

A best-of-breed, extensible cloud content management platform powered by modern technology for intelligent innovation.


Machine learning-powered automated document classification and data capture in the cloud for improved accuracy and performance.


A one-two punch of transactional workflows and robotic process automation. Automate repetitive, manual tasks with unlimited connectivity.


A consumer-like, unified user experience across all content management systems for optimized access to critical business documents.

Modern content management tools

In today’s competitive environment, it’s not always about collecting more’s what you do with it that counts. We help you put more intelligence into the process. Whether you need to optimize how you work with the content that fuels core functions like accounts payable, human resources or case management, or need a next-generation solution to replace your legacy enterprise content management system, the KnowledgeLake platform will get you there. Its modern, responsive user experience can run on any device–including phones and tablets.

The KnowledgeLake Platform has been built from the ground up in the cloud, embracing best-of-breed open standards technology. Capture data in more accurate and efficient ways utilizing machine learning. Automate and modernize transactional processes with robotic process automation to improve the way work gets done. Manage, migrate, and secure information with more flexibility and confidence with a set of extensible platform technologies.

The platform’s open standards are key to allowing services and applications to work together across disparate systems. At KnowledgeLake, extensiblity is in our DNA. We’ve learned that our partners and customers want to invest in platforms they can build on top of and grow with. We believe in OpenAPI™ definitions, well-documented SDKs, and transparent best practices.


"Top content-centric machine-learning applications focus on creating more intelligent content for further ingestion by machine engines."

-AIIM Leveraging Deep Learning and Machine Learning Capabilities Industry Watch Report



Extensibility is a core KnowledgeLake Platform philosophy. Our technologies empower any client or partner to build on top of our platform to solve unique business problems. A robust SDK, with real world examples and code samples, enables you to create on or extend out every part of the platform. The entire platform can be utilized to address unique requirements including, but not limited to: calling third-party APIs and data sources and custom workflow actions. KnowledgeLake’s APIs are all based on REST, allowing you to use the tools and languages of your choice.


Managing the volume, variety, and velocity of content today can be difficult with on-premises solutions that often require a large number of servers just to meet peak volume—only to have those servers sit idle during slow periods. This over provisioning leads to significant hardware and software cost and complexity.

The KnowledgeLake Platform achieves near unlimited scale to process transactions efficiently and rapidly with its cloud containers approach. It scales to process any volume at any time, whether it comes steadily over the course of weeks and months, or in large bulk operations like end-of-month processing. Because the KnowledgeLake Platform is never over provisioned, costs—and fees for use—are significantly reduced.


Connectivity to vital systems of record must be a cornerstone of any content management approach. Though underlying systems and architecture are moving toward the cloud, we know this can’t happen overnight. Many enterprise organizations will be in a hybrid state for years to come. The shift to the cloud offers many benefits but can create challenges when moving data in legacy on-premises systems. Connectivity and inter-operability are key, so KnowledgeLake has designed a secure data gateway that enables our platform to communicate with a client’s systems, be they on premise or in the cloud.

The KnowedgeLake Data Gateway service facilitates communication between your critical business systems and the KnowledgeLake Cloud Platform via a secure socket. The result is that we never need to open ports in your firewall, which could expose your organization to risk.


Most SaaS vendors comingle customer data, potentially causing undue security concerns. At KnowledgeLake, we ensure every customer’s data is encrypted and isolated—providing an additional layer of protection and security.

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Founded in 1991, New Belgium Brewery is a leading independent craft beer company with a culture of innovation that spans all areas of the business. Tye Eyden, Collaborative Business Systems Analyst, selected the KnowledgeLake Platform integrated with Microsoft SharePoint for its extensible content management capabilities. Within months, Tye was able to roll out KnowledgeLake in multiple departments, including Human Resources, Finance, and Environmental Health & Safety.

What could you do with the KnowledgeLake Platform?


Leverage AI for scalable document & data capture.


Automate transactional processes and connect vital systems.


Gain insight into information while swiftly moving content to the cloud.


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