Healthcare Document Management

Healthcare Document Management

Capture and manage medical records and healthcare information to reduce costs and streamline operations
Efficient information retrieval is vital in any industry, but for healthcare providers, it can be a matter of life and death. A misplaced patient record, chart, form or lab result can delay care when it is needed most. Even when delays aren't life threatening, pausing to track down information from paper and computer files scattered throughout the healthcare institution takes away from quality time better spent providing patient care. With KnowledgeLake's healthcare document management solution, you can capture and manage electronic healthcare records to reduce costs, improve patient care and streamline operations.
Healthcare Document Imaging

Improve patient care

KnowledgeLake delivers document capture and healthcare document imaging solutions that are affordable, scalable and designed to manage all your content. Our industry leading healthcare software takes the hassles out of paperwork and provides a lower cost of ownership and higher return on investment than competitive solutions. With the help of our healthcare document management software, you’ll spend less time chasing paper and more time doing what you love —caring for patients.

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increase employee productivity

Reduce costs and improve information access

KnowledgeLake’s healthcare document management solution helps you cut costs and improve access to critical information. Eliminate paper and inefficient, paper-based processes by capturing all health, patient and financial documents, such as: patient clinical and lab records, insurance forms, physician referrals, enrollment applications, and more. Healthcare document imaging empowers your healthcare and administrative staff with the information they need to enhance patient service through immediate access to electronic healthcare content.
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Automate back-office and point-of-care processes

Experience faster, more efficient and reliable patient outcomes when you automate your document intensive back-office and point-of-care processes. By automating healthcare document management processes, your healthcare organization can reap the full benefits of streamlined processes that are more regulatory compliant, consistent and reliable, enabling you to boost staff productivity and patient care.
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SharePoint Records Management

Remove paperwork hassles and reduce costs

Our industry-leading healthcare software takes the hassles out of paperwork and provides a lower cost of ownership and higher return on investment than competitive offerings. With our help, you and others in your healthcare organization will spend less time tracking down paper and medical records scanning, and more time delivering great patient care and customer service. An often overlooked ancillary cost benefit is the reduced need for onsite paper storage.
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Improve Profitability with KnowledgeLake SharePoint ECM

Add more profit

Your healthcare organization is under extreme pressure to deliver exceptional patient care and be highly profitable. Consolidating patient and operational information into a robust healthcare document management solution will enable your physicians, nurses and healthcare administrative staff to quickly access the critical electronic healthcare information needed to improve the quality of time spent with patients, streamline operations and add more profit to your bottom line.
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The other solutions we considered all had significant drawbacks, either in terms of cost or limited functionality. It made a lot more sense to us to go with KnowledgeLake, which was cost-effective, provided the functionality we needed, and would integrate easily into the SharePoint system.
James Fickbohm
Technology Coordinator