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Goodwill Industries Uses KnowledgeLake to Streamline Financial Document Management

The Goodwill Industries organization serving Central Virginia and Hampton Roads needed a better way to manage thousands of finance-related documents. It deployed a KnowledgeLake Enterprise Content Management solution on top of Microsoft SharePoint, resulting in fast, easy document access and greater security and availability for important information.

The Challenge

Goodwill Industries serving Central Virginia and Hampton Roads is a part of Goodwill’s large North American network of 165 community-based, autonomous member organizations that serve people with obstacles to employment through education, training and job placement services. The non-profit Goodwill Industries helps people become independent, tax-paying members of their communities by giving them opportunities to work, earn income, and enjoy a sense of pride and self-esteem.

The Central Virginia Goodwill runs 27 retail stores, a production center, five community employment centers, 13 attended donation centers, and an auction center. In 2012 it served more than 16,000 individuals through career development, training, and support services.

The organization had problems dealing with a large and growing number of paper documents related to finance and accounting activities, particularly accounts payable and human resource documents.

The Solution

The regional Goodwill decided to implement a KnowledgeLake enterprise content management (ECM) solution. It deployed the full suite of KnowledgeLake products.

The initial deployment was done for the organization’s finance department, which uses the KnowledgeLake ECM solution to scan and store a variety of documents, including invoices, vendor statements and communications, employee expense reports, contracts and W9 forms.

As part of the deployment, Goodwill integrated KnowledgeLake with its Sage 100 Fund Accounting software to assign vendor data in the metadata information used for organizing and accessing within SharePoint. A Vendor ID or Vendor Name field is linked from the metadata field to the vendor database in the Goodwill accounting system, allowing users to select from a vendor instead of having to manually enter vendor names.

"We needed a solution for digital file management of our accounting and payroll records and documents. It had to be affordable, and it had to work with our Microsoft SharePoint system.”

Helen Dow - Controller


Goodwill of Central Virginia and Hampton Roads employs about 1,300 people who help run a network of donation centers and other facilities designed to provide jobs through businesses that collect and sell donated clothing, household items, computers, and automobiles. It has two central offices in Virginia-one in Richmond and one in Hampton Roads.

Virginia, United States


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“The beauty of KnowledgeLake is the fact that it is simple to use, yet provides all of the functionality we were looking for in a document management solution,”

Helen Dow - Controller

“Not only do we find it is easier to pull documents, but we don’t have to spend the time re-filing, and documents are available from any of our locations."

Helen Dow - Controller

Results & Benefits

Improved Security

Securing the information in documents, particularly financial information, is important for any organization. Dow says the new ECM solution enhances the security of sensitive information.

Document Access

The documents that Goodwill employees use are now much more accessible than in the past.

Fast Searches

Searching for documents is easy using the KnowledgeLake and SharePoint system.

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