Solution Architecture Process For Enterprise Information

Develop an in-depth road map that will help you make sound ECM decisions

Our Process

Structuring an enterprise information architecture is not something to be taken lightly. A proper architecture will ensure strategic alignment, adoption, governance and scalability in the future.

1Create Strategy

  • Identify essential documents and information
  • Establish document or content types allowing for classification
  • Analyze content volume and ongoing load rates

2Structure Content

  • Define taxonomy and index requirements
  • Identify security standards
  • Devise document retention policies
  • Establish data type structures

3Build a Business Case

  • Introduce a high-level project plan
  • Create a roadmap to achieve alignment with IT and Business
  • List the productivity benefits to your organization

4Solution Deployment

  • Implement information architecture for user acceptance testing
  • Structure seamless integrations
  • Establish a repeatable documented process
  • Test scripts to ensure a successful migration implementation

Decades of experience implementing Solution Architecture

“The whole process has given us a cutting edge skill set, not only from software tools, but in how we think about records, information and data organization.”

Kyle Collins Records and Information Management

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"We use Windows-based security to control who has access to documents. Not only can we secure the access to documents, but we can restrict who can see particular types of documents. This is a huge benefit when we go through audits and regulatory exams because it enhances compliance with internal security policies and industry regulations.”

Shawn Carlson Chief Information Officer, Tradition Capital Bank

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“The KnowledgeLake solution gives our business decision makers the ability to rapidly find information, which in turn expedites decision making. The new ECM solution is a core component of a more competitive business.”

David Peterson Enterprise Collaboration Manager

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