Document Management for Banks and Financial Services

ECM Solutions for Financial Document Management

Manage finance documents electronically to increase customer service, reduce costs, speed processes and drive new revenue
The financial services industry generates millions of pieces of paper a day, ranging from application forms, contracts, client correspondence, customer documentation and more - making financial document storage a challenge for most organizations. KnowledgeLake solutions efficiently consolidate all of your paper and electronic financial documents so your organization can deliver exceptional customer service from account openings to loan processing, while reducing costs and increasing compliance.

Consolidate content, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

KnowledgeLake solutions provide fast and easy scanning and indexing of financial, legal, contractual and regulatory documents. KnowledgeLake integrates your content with your current business or ERP system so employees do not have to leave their familiar business application to access financial documents. Easy-to-use search functions, configured by user role, allow customer service representatives to find the right documents at the right time to increase first call resolutions and customer satisfaction.
See how Seattle Financial Group increased their customer satisfaction.

Speedy and consistent back-office processes

Experience faster, more efficient and reliable business outcomes when you automate financial document management and simplify your document intensive, back-office processes. By automating financial document management processes, your financial services institution can reap the full benefits of streamlined, consistent and reliable business processes that boost staff productivity and ensure regulatory compliance in the ever-changing industry.
Drive accountability and transparency in your organization with Business Process Automation

Drive new revenue

In the intensely competitive financial industry, institutions that put forth the effort to effectively consolidate customer and operational information will gain competitive advantage. When your business’s critical financial document storage is in an easily accessible format, employees will spend less time searching for information and more time with your most important audience: the customer, in turn increasing cross-sell and upsell opportunities, and customer loyalty.
Learn how Van Ru Credit Corp. achieved faster and easier compliance with customers.

Reduce costs

Our industry-leading financial document management software takes the hassles out of paperwork and provides a lower cost of ownership and higher return on investment than competitive offerings. With our help, you and others in your financial services institution will spend less time chasing paper and more time delivering great financial services and products to your customers. An often overlooked ancillary cost benefit is the reduced need for onsite paper storage.
See how Credit Union cuts time and costs in mortgage processing with KnowledgeLake.

The competition for loyal and profitable customers among financial services institutions is intense.

Learn how we help you turn your paper-based and electronic content into strategic assets to improve productivity, customer loyalty and profitability.

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The solution fits seamlessly into our environment and we felt that leveraging our Microsoft technology with KnowledgeLake would give us a solution that will grow with our business.

Shawn Carlson
Chief Information Officer