Intelligent Content Automation Software for Loan Processing Whitepaper

Solutions for Loan Processing

What's Inside

The financial services industry generates millions of application forms, contracts, client correspondence, customer documentation and other types of business content daily. As paper documents accumulate, manually maneuvering through the process becomes labor and time-intensive. Long term, this practice is unsustainable. An automated loan processing system can lighten the load for financial services professionals.

This whitepaper explains the best practices for implementing a solution that allows you to realize continuous advantages such as:

  • Reduction in costs that would normally accrue due to the cost of paper, extra labor, storage, mailing and any necessary physical transportation.
  • Condensed processing time, which reduces the approval process so closing rates are quicker, giving your organization an advantage over the competition.
  • Enhanced search and retrieval of important documents to increase productivity and allow employees to focus on more important tasks — like strengthening client relationships. This translates to repeat business.
  • Assured governance and compliance. Confidential information is safe, and an established records management policy ensures regulatory and industry compliance.
Tradition Capital Bank

“In the past, when a loan document was received, it was printed and punchedThen an employee would have to find the right folder in a sea of filing cabinets. The new process takes roughly 45 seconds to complete. And searches based on metadata are completed within seconds.”

Shawn Carlson, Chief Information Officer, Tradition Capital Bank