Intelligent Content Automation Software for HR Whitepaper


What's Inside

When organizations turn to automating Human Resources processes like onboarding, they quickly realize a multitude of benefits such as:

  • Saving time that’s wasted on searching for necessary files and documents
  • Eliminating paper documents and, in turn, file cabinets which ends up increasing workspace
  • Transforming the onboarding process into a self-serving activity
  • Ensuring compliance audits aren’t as time-consuming nor stressful
  • Reducing the need for duplicate data entry and routing of information

By automating Human Resources processes, money is saved and time is freed up for professionals to act as a guide more than an “enforcer.”

If a Human Resources department’s methods are entirely manual – employees get bogged down in tedious, time-consuming tasks that increase the risks of errors and typos. And, since these professionals must be careful with sensitive data, controlling and limiting access to employee records can be challenging. Locking a file cabinet isn’t enough.


“KnowledgeLake not only provided the easy integration with SharePoint and our current scanning hardware, it also allows us to use universal file formats for much greater flexibility.”

Libby Wasserbeck, Senior Business Systems Analyst, The Cross Link Group

The KnowledgeLake platform helps automate other processes such as:

Intelligent Financial Services

Manage financial documents in the cloud to reduce costs and drive new revenue.

Employee Onboarding

Spend more time managing your employees, not their paperwork.

Explore the Technology

Learn how the KnowledgeLake services create an extensible cloud platform.

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