Document Management Solutions for Legal and Contracts

Manage legal documents, eDiscovery and regulatory compliance with Document Management software
Considering today’s demands for regulatory compliance, ediscovery, greater transparency and the need for faster, more secure business processes, legal departments are always looking for ways to simplify legal document management. KnowledgeLake understands the unique needs of the legal industry and provides solutions that increase productivity, reduce cost, achieve regulatory compliance, and enhance client service.
Document Management Software for Legal and Contracts

Modernize your office

For most legal professionals, litigation means paperwork. KnowledgeLake delivers a defensible electronic document management solution that transforms paper documents, such as leases, contracts, policies, grants, public records and other legal documentation into intelligent digital data that enables legal professionals to securely manage large volumes of information at lower costs and with more relevance and accuracy.
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KnowledgeLake document management

Improve the client experience

Lawyers, clerks, paralegals and other legal professionals waste valuable resources searching for documents, logging in and out of various systems and chasing down the most updated contract when they should be spending time with current and future clients. With KnowledgeLake, legal professionals can quickly respond to client requests with fast access to critical information, as our solution simplifies case management, contract management, litigation processes and other legal activities.

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SharePoint Security

Enhance document security

Legal departments have tight requirements around litigation, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and intellectual property, among others. KnowledgeLake understands these demands and ensures binding documents and sensitive information is secure from unauthorized viewing and is safe in the unfortunate event of a disaster. KnowledgeLake’s integrated document access controls provide flexible security of various users’ rights to manage, view and edit documents.
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SharePoint ROI

Maximize your investment in Microsoft technology

KnowledgeLake transforms Microsoft SharePoint into an easy-to-use, powerful and scalable ECM solution that enables organizations to manage corporate content and collaborate more effectively and efficiently. KnowledgeLake’s familiar Microsoft-like interface results in little end-user training, encourages process consistency and repeatable outcomes, and allows you to gain better control of the SharePoint platform by managing SharePoint governance. Your IT department can leverage the software and hardware you already own and successfully meet business needs for risk mitigation, security and flexible deployment options.
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The time needed to process legal documents and archive them electronically has decreased significantly. We no longer have to create barcode sheets for every document because KnowledgeLake does it for us automatically. And we can index more documents at once. In the words of one of our employees, this solution is 'light years ahead' of what we were using before.
Libby Wasserback
Senior Business Systems Analyst