Document Management Solutions for Human Resources

Manage employee records electronically, reduce costs and increase the productivity of your human resource department
Human resources is faced with the challenge of managing intensive loads of paper-based documentation that requires many steps and staff to process. KnowledgeLake HR document management solutions simplifies human resources management and keeps organizations in compliance with employment rules and regulations necessary to properly manage employee records.
Manage Employee Lifecycle

Effectively manage employee records from hire to retire

Resumes, job applications, government documentation, release forms, 401k registrations and healthcare enrollment documents … from hire to retire human resources management is no easy task. By automating the information-heavy function of human resources management with KnowledgeLake, you will reduce storage costs, decrease the amount of time spent performing routine functions and better protect the privacy of employment contracts, new employee forms and other HR documents with security and control.
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manage employee records

Spend more time on strategic Human Resources management activities

At KnowledgeLake, we strive to make it easier for organizations to make the HR function what it is meant to be: a strategic asset and valued partner to senior management and the overall organization. As a result, we have developed award-winning document capture and imaging solutions designed to help HR professionals automate critical business processes and manage employee records with ease. Eliminate or reduce time-consuming duplicate data entry and routing of information by transforming paper into intelligent digital data.

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Protect your most valuable asset – employees

The majority of HR documents are confidential, and can also fall under regulatory requirements for restricted access. KnowledgeLake provides electronic file security, as it enables control over user access, records a history of activity to be used in case of an audit and ensures security of documents in the event of a disaster. With workflow enforcing accountability and all actions automatically recorded in an audit trail, compliance with corporate standards and legal regulations is easy.
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SharePoint ROI

Maximize your investment in Microsoft SharePoint

KnowledgeLake transforms SharePoint into an easy-to-use, powerful and scalable ECM solution that enables professionals in the Human Resources industry to experience more effective and efficient HR document management. KnowledgeLake’s familiar Microsoft-like interface results in little end-user training and encourages process consistency and repeatable outcomes. Your IT Department can leverage the software and hardware you already own and successfully meet business needs for risk mitigation, security and flexible deployment options.

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Spend more time managing your employees, not their paperwork.

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The solution fit with the integration and compatibility of our existing processes, and is helping us meet our goals of having paperless human resources files and transparent individual access for employees so they can see their own files. The KnowledgeLake technology is helping us increase the efficiency of the HR department by reducing paper and the time it takes to find information. Plus, we can be more environmentally responsible by eliminating paper waste.
Kathie Tourangeau
District Principal