Document Management for Education

Document Management for Education

Automate admissions, financial aid and student records management to increase student service, reduce costs and streamline operations across the campus
The industry of Education is traditionally a paper intensive, document and process driven environment. Areas such as admissions, financial aid, registration, athletic departments, human resources, and accounting, all employ paper based procedures. Higher Education systems, including public and private universities, community colleges and other institutions, can all benefit from streamlining mission-critical business processes to reduce costs, improve student service, and ensure compliance.
Higher Education Document Management

Consolidate content, increase satisfaction

KnowledgeLake solutions provide fast and easy scanning and indexing of all your admissions, financial aid, registration, advising and registrar documents. KnowledgeLake integrates your content with your business system so your staff has immediate access to documents directly from their familiar business application. Easy-to-use search functions, configured by user role, allow administrative staff to find the right documents at the right time to increase productivity, responsiveness and student satisfaction.
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Reduce costs

Our industry-leading enterprise content management software removes the challenges of paperwork processes and provides a lower cost of ownership and higher return on investment than competitive offerings. With our help, you and others in your higher education institution will spend less time finding paper and more time delivering student and constituent service. Another benefit: finally remove paper filing cabinets from your overcrowded onsite storage rooms.
Learn how Washington University reduced costs by expanding ECM to new departments.
Streamline business processes

Streamline operations

KnowledgeLake can help you remove time-consuming process bottlenecks by replacing paper-based processes with electronic files and automating back- office administrative activities. Once paper is turned to digitally formatted information, it can be handled much faster and with more efficiency. Precision search capabilities empower administrative staff with the information they need to enhance student service through immediate access to content in a single view.
Let us help you streamline processes by integrating your business applications with SharePoint.
SharePoint Profitability

Go paperless and improve

KnowledgeLake has helped hundreds of organizations do more with less by streamlining document-intensive, office processes. Now is the time to consolidate student and administrative paper and electronic information into an easy to use format that enables you to save money, increase productivity and provide excellent service to prospective and current students, parents, alumni and the community.
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Is your educational institution ready to make the switch to smarter document management processes?

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Many of the requests we get for document management solutions can be addressed quickly using KnowledgeLake. For example, we have several departments that use similar record types. We created a template that provides the same kinds of document and metadata information used during KnowledgeLake scans. It's part of a 'quick start' foundation shared with us by KnowledgeLake that enables fast, efficient, and repeatable solutions that really reduce the time it takes to respond to department requests.
Denise Hirschbeck
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Services and Technology