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Document Imaging for SharePoint

Transform out-of-the-box SharePoint into a powerful Enterprise Content Management system
Document Imaging is the critical technology that allows organizations to increase productivity by integrating content with employees and business processes across the entire organization. A Document Imaging system provides the infrastructure to transform unstructured information, such as scanned paper documents and electronic files, into actionable assets that enable employees to interact with and drive consistent business outcomes.

Unclutter and reduce the complexity associated with out-of-the-box SharePoint document management

Many organizations find that their out-of-the-box SharePoint deployments simply do not meet business requirements. End users rarely love the platform but accept the SharePoint document management platform as something they have to use as a glorified network file share. KnowledgeLake unclutters SharePoint content management and delivers a simple way for employees to find, share and collaborate on documents that transform SharePoint into a powerful Enterprise Content Management system that blends information with people and business processes.
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Gain immediate access to critical content

There’s no substitute for immediate access to needed documents. For example, immediate access to scanned documents and electronic files enable contact center representatives to answer questions and resolve more inquiries without additional call-backs. KnowledgeLake’s document imaging system provides comprehensive capabilities to search SharePoint, view, route and annotate your organization’s electronic content directly from desktops.
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Eliminate information silos with document imaging

For many organizations, individual employees, departments and their supporting technologies have evolved separately into information silos, making it extremely difficult to share corporate content across the organization. Document imaging encourages business process consistency and repeatable outcomes that replace information silos making collaboration second nature.
Empower your people, centralize your information & automate your processes

Reduce risks and protect your corporate information with heightened SharePoint security

Information workers looking for flexible ways to get their job done more efficiently are increasingly buying and deploying their own file sharing tools, often by circumventing the IT organization who they perceive as insufficiently responsive. A document imaging system helps stop these rogue tools and eliminates information extending beyond the firewall thereby reducing SharePoint security and compliance risks.
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Get more from your Microsoft and SharePoint investment

KnowledgeLake fills the gaps and extends SharePoint’s capabilities - a synergy that Microsoft encourages through its software partner network. With KnowledgeLake, your organization can boost the value of SharePoint as a rich collaboration portal creating a more comprehensive platform for managing, searching and sharing information across the enterprise.
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Key Benefits

  • Increase information sharing and collaboration from anywhere using a secure web-based browser
  • Generate high user adoption while simplifying and improving the SharePoint user experience
  • Eliminate or reduce information silos
  • Reduce risks and achieve regulatory compliance by enhancing the scalability and security of familiar Microsoft products
  • Drive employee efficiency and productivity by integrating SharePoint with your line-of-business systems
  • Improve external and internal customer satisfaction by equipping employees with the ability to quickly search, find and share documents
The way that KnowledgeLake seamlessly integrated into the Microsoft environment was key, and led to a successful deployment of the ECM solution. This is providing support for more plans to deploy the ECM solution in other areas of the company to streamline various processes.
Paul Kaster
Director of Business Services