Document and Claims Management for the Insurance Industry

Automate claims and approval, improve customer service and reduce costs
Whether health, life or property, the insurance industry makes it a priority to continually improve the quality of client service, increase employee efficiency, reduce document management costs and ensure insurance document management security. With KnowledgeLake's insurance solutions insurance companies can securely manage, store and retrieve the information needed to better serve their customers and overall enhance insurance records management.

Automate critical back-office insurance document management processes to reduce costs

Back-office insurance document management processes involved in electronic claims management, underwriting, policy administration, application processing, insurance records management and accounting, often begin their lifecycle with paper-based processes that are time-consuming, costly and inefficient. KnowledgeLake transforms manual insurance document management processes into digital documents, such as electronic claims, in order to automate processes that enable organizations to effortlessly monitor, measure and improve back office business outcomes.
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SharePoint Security

Secure and reliable insurance document management

From paper and electronic claims, proposals, policies, contracts and applications– insurance companies deal with sensitive information that needs to be available to the right people at the right time. KnowledgeLake insurance solutions enable insurance companies to designate security rules to ensure security, timely access and compliance, including automatic paper trail and audit documentation.
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KnowledgeLake document management

Enhance customer service with the right insurance solutions

In the highly competitive insurance industry, high quality service and timeliness are expectations that need to be met. It is difficult for insurance professionals to deliver the highest level of service and make quick decisions when they rely on outdated legacy systems and manual-based insurance document management processes. With KnowledgeLake insurance software, insurance companies can reduce the amount of time spent chasing paper records or reproducing lost or misplaced documents and better serve their customers.
Microsoft ROI

Maximize your investment in Microsoft technology

KnowledgeLake transforms SharePoint into an easy-to-use, powerful and scalable ECM insurance solutions that enables companies to manage sensitive information and collaborate more effectively and efficiently. KnowledgeLake’s familiar Microsoft-like interface results in little end-user training and encourages process consistency and repeatable outcomes. Your IT Department can leverage the software and hardware you already own and successfully meet insurance document management needs related to risk mitigation, security and flexible deployment options.

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