Large Farm Credit Association Case Study

One of the largest Farm Credit Associations in the U.S. Automates Processes

This leader in agricultural finance services farmers, ranchers and other related enterprises with loans and financial solutions. Wanting to stay ahead of the game, they chose KnowledgeLake to promote collaboration and streamline business operations.



As one of the largest farm credit associations in the United States, this client had nearly 600 team members, 13 offices, 15,400 plus stockholders, over 21,000 clients and is still expanding. As expected, the amount of documents produced by both financial services and human resources is astronomical.

In 2012, this financial services company had began their search for an enterprise content management (ECM) solution to help manage the large amount of information and content they produce on a regular basis. After reviewing all of the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders of 2012, Microsoft’s SharePoint solution was their choice. They chose KnowledgeLake as their enterprise scanning solution partner because of the way KnowledgeLake integrates with SharePoint and Microsoft.

As the company proceeded with deployment of their document management solution they wanted to validate they were heading down the right path and correctly utilizing the appropriate environment and taxonomy SharePoint had to offer.

As the KnowledgeLake team assessed the client’s SharePoint environment, they realized that it was not scalable and had too many customizations. During a SharePoint Health Check, KnowledgeLake found that in fact their design approach was limited in scalability and that an alternative environmental design and taxonomy structure should be considered.


As a cooperative owned by their
client-shareholders, this association is
focused on constantly evolving and
working to develop new products,
services and delivery channels to
better serve rural communities.

Financial Services

Since establishing our relationship in 2012, the company has been utilizing numerous KnowledgeLake products and services to meet their needs. This includes KnowledgeLake Capture, Connect, Capture Server and Imaging. As a financial services organization they produce and manage a large amount of information and content on a daily basis, having a strong document imaging platform is crucial to their ECM success.

The client chose Microsoft SharePoint as their ECM platform because of its ability for employees to collaborate and extremely user friendly. KnowledgeLake, a preferred and recommended organization by Microsoft, was their choice as a document imaging partner due to KnowledgeLake’s Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains integration and KnowledgeLake’s standing as a four-time Microsoft Partner of the Year. They also selected SharePoint and KnowledgeLake due to their potential availability of utilizing
the Cloud in their future, They wanted a platform that would deliver a smooth transition when they were ready to make
that transition.

“KnowledgeLake offers better SharePoint integration, multiple options to integrate into Microsoft Office, Salesforce and other line business software, integrated workflow, search and view, and simple, comprehensive database access.”
Senior Director of Business Technology Operations

The financial Services company’s original motivation for investing in SharePoint and KnowledgeLake was the strong push to create a digital core to store documents. As an organization in the financial industry, being able to access paper documents and information efficiently and quickly are essential for conducting business. With their ECM solution comprising of SharePoint as a repository, the utilization of KnowledgeLake for capturing and searching and the use Nintex for workflows, their back office was moving in the right direction and operating efficiently.

“KnowledgeLake’s user experience is straightforward and takes minimal effort to train our team members.”

“KnowledgeLake offers better SharePoint integration, multiple options to integrate into Microsoft Office, Salesforce and other line business software, integrated workflow, search and view, and simple, comprehensive database access.

- Senior Director of Business Technology Operations

“KnowledgeLake’s user experience is straightforward and takes minimal effort to train our team members.

- Senior Director of Business Technology Operations


Seamless Integration & Implementation

With KnowledgeLake’s Microsoft integration and similar look and feel, it’s easy to use and adopt for their end users. A simpler implementation means less IT resources are needed, creating instant ROI and eliminating the usual business fear related to the usual significant IT resources and time investment needed to get competitor’s capabilities up
and running. The financial services company also enjoys KnowledgeLake’s better integrated security and virtual desktop compatibility and the ability to effortlessly add-on the KnowledgeLake products they need for any project at a moment’s notice.

A Professional Team of Consultants

As a long-time client, their relationship with KnowledgeLake has changed over time. What they once considered just a software company, has evolved into an organization
that provides consultants with the subject matter expertise to address and answer questions relating to the implementation of the document management solution. This is why when they had issues with SharePoint and their environment they called KnowledgeLake.

Collaboration is Easier

KnowledgeLake’s ability to integrate with Microsoft Office, Salesforce and other line of business software instantly improves the capability to distribute and collaborate across several different departments. With the company’s 13 branches and additional sister organizations, utilizing SharePoint and KnowledgeLake, has increased their ability to collaborate greatly improving on how they work together.

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